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Crime Fighting

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Home Burglaries

Dateline: 3/9/98

A rash of mid-day home burglaries in Milpitas the last couple of weeks has left residents very nervous. I have been getting a flurry of emails and flyers about neighborhood watches being organized or put on alert.

All 30+ break-ins appear to have been done by the same professionals, as the M.O. is the same.

  • Most have occurred mid-day, between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and mid-week, though the most recent was on Saturday.
  • The burglars first cut all the electrical to and from the home -- electricity, phone, alarm system, and even cable tv!
  • They then access the home by prying open a side garage door or the front door.
  • They most likely are wearing gloves, as no fingerprints are left.
  • They target one neighborhood and then move on, so don't get complacent and think it's only happening to the "other fellow."
  • Some say that a utility van is being used, which is backed into the driveway or garage, giving the appearance of friends helping someone move out or repairmen at work.

What you can do

  • Please be more vigilant!
  • Report any suspicious "watchers" in the neighborhood. Call 586-2400.
  • Organize or attend a neighborhood watch meeting. Call 586-2400.
  • Plan a neighborhood "signal" when it's OK for someone to be moving things out of your home. (Example, a t-shirt over the mailbox means you really did sell your tv.)
  • Assume at this time that any "moving out" activity not using a commercial moving van is suspect, and call the police. Even U-Hauls are suspect.

Update From the Chief - 3/28

Thanks for noticing our presence. We feel that it is important to follow through on issues as important as these. As you noticed from today's Mercury News article, we are working very closely with San Jose and Fremont to clear up some of the Milpitas burglaries. The victim on Stirling was contacted, and went to view the property recovered. The victim could not identify any of the property recovered as hers. For your information, the modus operandi of this victim's burglary did not fit the suspect's M.O.

Thank you for your commitment in this matter.


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Net Links

Burglary Prevention Tips
Your greatest weapons in the fight to prevent burglaries are light, time and noise.

Contacting Milpitas Police
Main Number - 586-2400
Emergency - 911
Crime Tip Line - 586-2500
and more

How to protect your home when you're away
Thieves and other criminals want easy access and most will spend no longer than a minute or two trying to break into your home.

Key Factory
Mobile and store service for your key needs. Let them help you secure your home or business from theft and fire. Store located in Serra Shopping Center, but they also provide mobile service.

Milpitas Neighborhood Watch Program
To schedule an update meeting, call 408-586-2525.


Crime Fighting

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