History of Railroads in California

History of the California end of the Transcontinental Railroad, and other historic trains and historic railroads in the San Francisco Bay Area. Key System Scrapbook Key System electric transit in the East Bay area from the beginning to the end of WWII. Also the Richmond Shipyard Railway to the Kaiser… Continue reading

Guides to Silicon Valley-Civic Networking

About Civic Networking Zeise’s site is a one-woman operation that’s truly a grass-roots effort. Zeise, who believes a community guide can’t be done properly unless its creator lives in the town it covers, attends Chamber of Commerce meetings and watches city council meetings on television. by Deborah Kong, Mercury News.… Continue reading

Use It Yourself Features of GoMilpitas.com

GoMilpitas Home Page

Use GoMilpitas.com as your daily connection with everyone living and working in Milpitas, and all their activities and businesses. GoMilpitas was and still is the original town water cooler! Support our town by spending time and money right here in town, not supporting new sites where the money goes out… Continue reading

Mission/Rancho Era – 1700s

Milpitas was along the route taken by the De Anza Expedition, and between Mission San Jose and Mission Santa Clara. There is a sign posted near the intersection of Calaveras and Milpitas Blvd., near City Hall, showing where the expedition passed through. Adobe Peralta House The Peralta Adobe is San… Continue reading

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