Restaurants in Milpitas

All phone numbers are in the 408 area code.

On selected restaurant link descriptions I have added Weight Watcher point value links from Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone.

If you’re hungry for a taste of the real thing, food that hasn’t been filtered and watered down for the masses, to the edge you must go. Some of the region’s most exciting eating is found on the periphery in places like Fremont, Newark and Milpitas.

Especially Milpitas.

~ Stett Holbrook, Metro

Restaurants in Milpitas Map


American Restaurants
From California Cuisine to diners, fancy and plain American dining.


Asian – Pacific Dining
Some of the finest Asian dining can be found in Milpitas! Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, and Vietnamese Restaurants.


Mouthwatering aroma, fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, and great service. Very clever Flash intro. A Great Mall eatery. Weight Watcher Points.

Noah’s Bagels
Noah’s shops combine a neighborhood energy with a tradition of great tastes, textures, and aromas. 124 N. Milpitas Blvd. 408-941-9440. Weight Watcher Points.

Bars & Nightclubs

Dave & Busters
Interactive games and simulators , enjoying great food served in a casual, yet elegant, setting, our fun and spirited bars or playing classic favorites like world class pocket billiards and shuffleboard – we’ve created a unique experience that has something for everyone. Minors discouraged unless with adult. Located at north end of Great Mall. 957-9215.

Lina’s Place
Main Street in Milpitas. North of Calaveras. Great Mexican jukebox, full bar. During lunch you’ll find an interesting mix of silicon valley “necktie” clientele next to the guys who’ve just come in from the field. Safe (and good food) during the day. Seems like a good place to get into a fight after dark. Good Dive.


Waiters on Wheels
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 8:30pm, Saturday & Sunday Closed
Delivery Zone: Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont, Newark, and Union City. 408-945-2245.


Peet’s Coffee & Tea
locations in a near Milpitas.

Milpitas Coffee & Tea Shops
Places to get that special cup of espresso, chai, coffees, and teas – or order online for your own stash.

Deli Sandwiches

Deli Sandwiches in Milpitas
Places to get really great sandwiches in Milpitas.

East Indian

Milan Sweet Center
Yelp. Why is this place called a “Sweet Center” when they serve full-on meals? Amazing vegetarian food here – I didn’t even miss my protein at all. 296 S Abel St., 408-946-2525.

Naan N Masala
Yelp. It’s informal and set up mostly for take out. Very very good! They made the naan fresh when I ordered it! And it was huge! There was no way my family could eat three, even with a pre-teen boy! Recommended by Cara Drouin. 94 S Dempsey Rd., 408-263-9400.

A small chain of East Indian restaurants offers taste tempting, but not firey dishes, just off Calaveras on Abel, and Great Mall Food Court. 408-262-2536

Tirupathi Bhimas
Yelp. A mouth lingering dining experience for authentic south Indian pure vegetarian dishes with a home made taste in Andhra style. 1208 S. Abel Street, 408-945-1010

Fast Food

Arby’s Roast Beef
Here is the history of this company. Did you know that R.B. does not stand for “roast beef?” 604 Great Mall Dr. 408-945-0781. Weight Watcher Points.

Burger King
Two locations in Milpitas.
1475 Dempsey Rd, and 175 W Calaveras Blvd.
Need to know what’s in those Burgers?
Search for “Nutrition” to find out such facts as a Whooper with cheese has 760 calories and 47 grams of fat. Weight Watcher Points.

Fosters Freeze
An old-fashioned drive-in burger-n-shakes joint that is a favorite with local car clubs. This is a link to the Audi Club message board about a meeting they had here. 78 Serra Way.408-262-4272.

Hot Dog on a Stick
Fresh hot dogs cooked before your eyes & hand-squeezed lemonade. Great Mall, Entrance 4, #610, 800-321-8400

In-N-Out Burgers
This is the official site. Did you know they have a cookout trailer to bring their burgers to your party? Located in McCarthy Ranch. Burgers and spiritual guidance converge at In-N-Out. Review by Todd S. Inoue, Metro. Secret menuWeight Watcher Points.

Secrets about the “Secret Recipe.” 73 South Main Street.408-262-0765. Weight Watcher Points.

McDonald’s Main Page
Two sides to McDonald’s – A serious one for Adults, and a playful one for kids. Enjoy! Seven locations in Milpitas. (Map wrong – #1 is not up in the hills, but down inside the Great Mall Food Court.)Weight Watcher Points.

Wayback Burgers
First halal franchise and its first Northern California restaurant. 1547 California Circle, near Interstate 880, off the eastbound Dixon Landing Road exit.
Nutritional information not available.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream & Smoothies
Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot day than a cold ice cream, gelato, smoothie or other cold treat.


Italian Restaurants in Milpitas
From huge, hearty meals, to lite, just enough to please, we have a variety of Italian restaurants for all appetites.


Mexican Food Restaurants
From authentic mexican cuisine to fast food, you can find good Mexican food in Milpitas, CA.

Middle Eastern

Falafel and Garlic Land
Many places offer Falafels, Houmos, Tabouleh and other Middle Eastern specialties. You don’t have to settle for imitations and less than the originals. Try us, where all specialties are prepared from scratch. 463 Valley Way (behind the Arco on Abbott.)


Pizza Parlors in Milpitas
Whether it’s take out or it in, Milpitas Pizza Parlors have great pizza, and are fun places to meet with friends.

Seafood & Steak

Seafood & Steak
The best seafood and steak dining in the San Jose-San Francisco Bay Area.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegan and Vegetarian
Milpitas restaurants where those wishing exclusively vegetarian or vegan dishes will be happy with their meals.


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