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I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web.

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Bringing together Milpitas citizens, commuters, visitors, and those who provide services.


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Adult Education
From community colleges to university extension classes, private adult career training, too.

How to advertise on this site and support your community website.

Affordable Housing
From homelss shelters to grants and loans and discounted housing, organizations that help build affordable housing in Milpitas and Silicon Valley.

Air Travel
Tickets, airlines, airports, van service, , civic planning, traveler's information and shopping.

All the Newest Links
Links and articles added in the last two weeks.

Alumni Groups & Reunion Plans
A number of classes from Milpitas High School and Ayer High School have virtual and real reunions.

American Hotel Lodging
You want to LEAVE Milpitas? Locate that ideal hotel through and help support this community website.

Amusement Parks
Great America, Kelly Park, The Santa Clara County Fair, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and Six Flags Marine World.

Animals & Pets
Whether you want or have a dog, cat, horse or other pet, or want to identify wildlife, you'll find local resources here.

API Scores in the Milpitas Unified School District
The cornerstone of California's Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999; measures the academic performance and growth of schools on a variety of academic measures. New scores available August 31.

Art in Milpitas
Arts, Literature, Museums and the Visual Arts.

Art & Wine Festival Photo Album
Dates for 2006 have been set for August 19 & 20, and will be held along Milpitas Blvd., south of Calaveras Blvd. These are photos from the 1999 festival.

Asian Restaurants
Milpitas, CA, Asian restaurants - Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese - with menus, and nutritional information.

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