“W, X, Y” and “Z” Directory of Milpitas

Water & Sewer
Where Milpitas water comes from and where it goes later.

Usually the weather is just plain nice here, but if you need to know for sure, check here.

Weight Losers Recipes
On their own page now. Weight Watchers was putting too much pressure on me to remove what they regarded as competitive links.

Weight Loss
A resource for those trying to lose weight. Low fat recipes.

Weight Loss Software & Calculators
Online calculators, software for your Mac, Palm or Windows system, and Excel spreadsheets for planning and recording.

What to Wear to School
Most Milpitas elementary schools and both middle schools require uniforms. Check here for your school requirements.

Wi-Fi – Wireless Internet Access Points
Learn how to get unwired, and where you can use your wireless device in Milpitas.

While essential information here for hikers, these wild animals and plants are sometimes found in our backyards.

Winter Storm Tips
Pacific Gas and Electric Company has recently unveiled the Safety Corner, a new section of the company’s web site dedicated to providing customers important information about storm preparation and safety.

Women’s Apparel – Great Mall
Outlet shopping for women’s clothing at the virtual Great Mall.

Women’s Resources
A section for women to network and find each other, help each other.

Youth Sports
Some of our local youth sports programs have produced Olympians! Milpitas believes in helping youth become physically fit with friendly competitive and individual sports opportunities.

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