Uniforms – What to Wear to School

Milpitas schools have requirement to wear uniforms in grades K-8. Check here for details about what your school uniforms should look like.

Many local stores with a children’s clothing section will have uniforms in the late summer, just a school is starting.

Uniform requirements for the current school year in Milpitas, CA.

  • Shirts must have a collar, such as a polo shirt, a dress shirt, or a turtle neck style.
  • Sweaters and jackets must be plain without excessive or large lettering on them.
  • In general, shoes, socks and belts must be fairly plain and typically white, brown, black or blue.
  • Check by school name below for color options.
Pants, Shorts, Skirt, Skorts or Jumper
Collared Shirt
Navy Blue
White & Hunter Green Polo Shirts, Green or Blue sweater or coat
Navy Blue, Khaki (Skirt may be a special plaid)
White, Navy Blue & Burgundy
Navy Blue (Skirt may be a special plaid)
White, Navy Blue & Burgundy
Navy Blue
White & Hunter Green
Navy Blue or Black pants or pleated jumper, or red-blue plaid jumper.
“Rose” t-shirts, or White, Burgundy & Red (Collars or No Collars)
Navy Blue or Khaki
White, Navy Blue & Burgundy
Navy Blue or Khaki
Dresses & Skirts – same as shirt colors. Plaid in school colors.
Forest Green, White, Navy Blue & Burgundy
Navy Blue pants or jumper, or burgundy-gray jumper
White, Navy Blue & Burgundy
Navy Blue or blue-white plaid jumper
White, Navy Blue & Burgundy

Middle Schools

Khaki, Black
White or Hunter Green
Khaki pants or shorts or black skirts or skorts
White, Hunter Green, Gray, Black or Cream

The high schools do not require uniforms, but they do have dress codes.

Milpitas High School students must dress appropriately for school. A student’s apparel or lack of apparel should not distract from the educational process. Clothing that depicts violence and/or obscene words/pictures, sexually suggestive statements, or drugs/alcohol are considered inappropriate and will not be allowed at Milpitas High School. Clothing that reveals cleavage, belly, back, or underwear disrupts the educational process. Shoes must be worn at all times. Any student dressed inappropriately will be sent to the office. More on page 11 of student handbook.

Check with your school office for details.

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