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Puttin' On The Hitz

Have you seen the well to do?
Up and down Calaveras Avenue?
On that famous thoroughfare,
With their noses in the air?
Snazzy suits and starched collars,
Votes are sold for lots of dollars.
Spending every dime,
For a wonderful time!

If you're poor and you don't know,
Who took it, why don't you go,
Where power $its?
Puttin' On The Hitz.
Different babes chased every day,
They harrass, and get away,
Employees with perfect tits -
Puttin' On The Hitz.

Dressed up like a million dollar good-guy,
Trying hard not to look a lie.
Still puttin' On The Hitz.

Come, let's mix where donors,
Place their bribes as celluar-phoners,
Puttin' On The Hit$.

Spangled gowns upon a beauty
of hand-me-downs, on clown and cutie,
But it's only about booty'
All misfits.
Puttin' On The Hitz.

Tips his hat just like an English dandy,
Trolls for babes with donor dollar candy.
Very Snappy!

You'll declare it's simply flying,
To be there, and hear them lying.
Puttin' On The Hitz.
Puttin' On The Hitz.
Puttin' On The Hit$!!