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I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web.

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Web Links Index

Here's an ever-evolving index of useful and/or entertaining Net resources in the Community of Milpitas, organized by category and compiled by your guide.

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About Milpitas and Silicon Valley
Arts & Entertainment
Business & Shopping
Community Matters
Dining and Food
Education & Information
Public Resources
Sports & Recreation
Travel & Transportation

About Milpitas and Silicon Valley

Census Data
Hard facts about our population, history and trends.

Online phone books for Milpitas.

Earthquake information and maps.

Guides to Silicon Valley
Community websites from other Silicon Valley cities and nearby.

History - California Overview
Milpitas has a history as far back as the Ohlone Indians to our modern era of computer technology.

Indigenous People of Silicon Valley
Ancient & Medieval History
Mission/Rancho Era - 1700s
Pioneer Era - 1800s
Computer History
Research Groups - Societies, Museums, Publications

Maps and directions to the most often visited places in Milpitas.

Usually the weather is just plain nice here, but if you need to know for sure, check here.

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Arts & Entertainment

For Milpitas, Silicon Valley and Bay Area groups that hold events or meetings nearby.

Arts, Dramatics, Film, Literature, Museums and the Visual Arts.

Fun Inside
Movies, Events, Library, Crafts, Skits & Songs, Teen Club and much more!

Milpitas Mom's Favorite Jokes
Cyberjokes with a Silicon Valley or parenting twist.

Children-Welcome museums in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A Guide feature.

Come dance and sing and make merry with musical instruments with us!

The performing arts thrive in Milpitas and in the surrounding Silicon Valley.

See also: The Events Calendar

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Business & Shopping

Banking Online
Come try online banking.

Business Services
Copy shops, printers, office furniture and supplies, signs, and other services for small businesses.

Career Moves
Milpitas companies with career opportunities.

Career Tips
Resume and interview advice, job fairs and resume databases

Fashions for men, women and children. Dry cleaning establishments.

Computer help, Internet services, sales and training

Gifts, Flowers & Toys
Shops to get that special something for someone special, young or old.

Hairdressers - barber and beauty shops, places to get cosmetics and grooming supplies.

High Tech Manufacturing
Milpitas companies make a great number of parts for the internet, your computer and its peripherals.

Medical Technology
Multimedia & Video
PC Boards
Semiconductor Businesses
Storage Devices & Parts

Coupons, prizes, freebies and other on-going offers from Milpitas businesses.

Shop our affiliate vendors and support Go Milpitas! Your best community website.

Shopping Centers
Looking for a link to a particular store in a certain mall? Look here. Even if I don't have a link, the phone number is here.

Stocks and Bonds
Care to invest in Silicon Valley company stocks?

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Community Matters

Animals & Pets
Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or other pet, you'll find local resources here.

Photo essays of events, celebrations and seasonal activities from your Go Milpitas guide.

Community Center
A large hall with a stage and several meeting and activity rooms make up the lively Milpitas Community Center.

Community Library
The Milpitas Community Library is a tremendously popular resource.

Community Services
How and where to get grants, funding, project support and other community resources.

Crime Fighting
Legal services and other information to help fight crime, or just help you find a lawyer.

Be prepared! Get these links printed out for that health, earthquake, or power outage emergancy.

Grant Writing
Too often grant writers fall into these traps when applying for community grants.

Home Pages
Web sites of residents of Milpitas and information for building and maintaining your web site.

Kids' Clubs
From scouting to sport teams, Milpitas has lots of groups for kids and teens.

Get involved with one or more of these community organizations.

Places of Worship
We're a diverse community with a wide variety of religious practices.

Singles Center
Bay Area groups for single people to meet and have fun together.

What's there to do in this town? How do Milpitas and other Silicon Valley cities treat their teenagers?

Volunteer matching services. Find the voluntary service that's just right for you.

Women's Resources
A section for women to network and find each other, help each other.

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Dining and Food

Markets, grocery stores, and specialty resources for food and gourmet delights.

Cooking ideas from Milpitas' restaurants or for foods grown in California.

Some of the best dining south of San Francisco can be found right here in Milpitas.

Education & Information

Adult Education
From community colleges to university extension classes, private adult career training, too.

Alumni Groups & Reunion Plans
A number of classes from Milpitas High School and Ayer High School have virtual and real reunions.

Enrollment, performance, assessment, maps, census, economics and housing.

Milpitas residents may homeschool by declaring their home a private school. Inclusive support group reforming for fall 2006.

Homework Help
Schools and local businesses help you bring home those good grades. Explorations 4 Kids helps you learn and practice on your own.

K-12 Education
General Milpitas school district information.

Pre-Schools and Daycare
Quality childcare for the littlest citizens of Milpitas.

Private and Parochial Schools
Milpitas has several alternatives to public schools within the city limits or quite close by.

Tutoring Services
Local resources to help children of all ages achieve their potential.

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Affordable Housing
From homelss shelters to grants and loans and discounted housing, organizations that help build affordable housing in Milpitas and Silicon Valley.

Gardens & Pools
Spruce up your garden or get help with your pool or spa.

Home Improvement
Home repair, furnishings and decorating.

Real Estate
Housing, builders, realtors, classifieds, listing searches, open houses.

Help finding an apartment or house to rent in Milpitas and surrounding area.

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Bay Area magazines that help you find the good life here.

Stop by here to get the daily news or place a classified advertisement.

Some links offer Real Audio, listen while online to music or talk shows.

From news, sports and weather, to educational programming resources. It's all here.

Public Resources

Minutes, City Hall, Officials, etc.

Health Services
Advice, Acute Care & General Practice, Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmacies, more.

Dental Services

Health Advice
Health Insurance
Hospitals & Clinics
Medical Technology
Muscular / Skeletal Clinics
Weight Loss

Mail & Shipping
FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service


Power & Gas
Recycling & Garbage
Water & Sewer

How to file for candidacy, register to vote, get an absentee ballot, find where to vote, and find out who won!

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Sports & Recreation

From city cycling paths to mountain biking, this is a great town for those who love pedal power!

Programs for fitness and sports for youth, teens and adults.

Fun Outside
Horseback riding, fishing, hang gliding, and more outdoor activities.

Golf links [pun intended] for champions and places for kids to practice.

Trails for walking and backpacking, links for finding hiking partners, orienteering meets.

Keeping Cool
When the summer heat sizzles, here's some suggestions for keeping cool. Barbequing shop included.

No, it doesn't often snow in Milpitas, but many love to head to the slopes near Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

Spectator Sports
Fans and couch potatoes unite here, cheer on your favorite Bay Area teams.

Youth Sports
Not all youth sports teams here have websites, but we're working on them!

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Travel & Transportation

Air Travel
Tickets, airlines, airports, van service, civic planning, traveler's information and shopping in and near Milpitas and Silicon Valley.

Drivers Ed
For teens and others new to driving in California here are links for driving schools, driving test practice sites and safety tips.

Driving Legally
Know the laws for driving in California.

Driving Through
CA Driving & Surviving

Milpitas hotels and motels provide a variety of services to accommodate visitors and business guests.

Hotel Lodging Away
You want to LEAVE Milpitas? Locate that ideal hotel through and help support this community website.

Maps and directions to the most often visited places in Milpitas.

Public Transportation
Buses, Highways, Trains

Current traffic information, webcams and places to take your gripes.

Sales, Rental, Repairs, Road Service, and more.

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Drivers Ed
Teens, earn your driving certificate from the comfort of your own computer.


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