Calaveras – Sierra Rd Loop

We had some snow over the night of January 27-28, 2002, so on the 29th, after the roads were sanded and clear, my son, Scott and I drove up in to the hills above Milpitas and San Jose to get a closer look. We took Piedmont Rd. to Calaveras. Turned right on Felter and went on up into the hills, and then back down again on Sierra Rd. to Piedmont in San Jose once again. It was about an 18 mile drive.

By Ann Zeise,
Date: January 30, 2002

Apricot orchard and mustard

The apricot and walnut grove on Piedmont Rd. near Calaveras is covered with mustard.

Palms and Snow

Palm trees glare at the audacity of snow in their ranch entrance off of Calaveras Rd.

White fence and snow

Looked like a perfect sledding hill to Scott. Too bad it’s private property.

Snowy Peaks

What could we say, but, “Oh, Wow!”

Cold cow and calf. Snowy peaks in background

OK. What’s all this talk about Zen Diva California cows who’ve never seen snow? So, now we’ve seen snow. Enough already!

Mt. Hamilton

Mt. Hamilton and its observatories in the snow, from Sierra Rd.

Mt. Hamilton

Another view of Mt. Hamilton.

View of San Jose from Sierra Rd.

View of San Jose from Sierra Rd. I-680 loops on the right into downtown San Jose. It is probably Penitenia Creek canyon on the left. Rain falls in the Santa Cruz Mountains in the distance.

Monument Peak

Monument Peak up close with Mt. Diablo far in the background. We could see for miles!

Ranch, Sierra Road.

Ranch in the foothills along Sierra Rd., Santa Clara County.

Mule Deer

Mule Deer enjoying the new, fresh, green grass on the hillsides.

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