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Welcome to the Fitness For 10 Milpitas club in the heart of the Milpitas community. At Fitness For 10, our commitment is to provide you a health club that is affordable, clean, friendly and without sales pressure.

Weight Loss Software & Calculators

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Calculators Online

Weight Loss Points Calculator
Any resemblance of this calculator to any other program calculator is purely coincidental. The following page's link will bring up a small window with the calculator in it.

Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations
Learn what people just like you think about their ideal weight. Then set your own diet goal somewhere between a medically-recommended weight and a weight that your peers would hope for.

USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Online. This interface allows simple searches. Enter one keyword which best describes your food item or the NDB No and press the enter or return key.

Weight Watcher Calculator Patent
Sorry, but the Weight Watcher calculator websites that I had linked here have been notified by the WW lawyers to remove the calculators from their sites. By reading their patent, you may be able to create your own Weight Watcher Point Calculator in a spreadsheet.

The Weight Watchers Points Formula
The actual Weight Watchers Points formula used in the Weight Watchers Points calculator is currently under strict US Patent laws. The formula is shown on this page.

Excel Spreadsheets

Focus on fitness: Tools for getting in shape
There has never been a better time than right now to get in shape. Lucky for you, Microsoft Office Online has the tools to empower you on the road to a fit body, including templates that track your nutrition, weight loss, and fitness routine.

Weight Loss Database and Points Calculator
Mac or Windows with Excel. The spreadsheet is not complete in content, but you are welcome to use it as a starting point to make one of your own. As it stands now, you can "insert" new entries in any of the categories, but if you instead copy and paste one that is already there, you can then edit the contents of that row and still retain the functionality of the equations built in to some of the cells (like the points column cells). The header for each section is setup so that it will sort ONLY the entries in that section (no matter how many or few), and the two buttons at the top are pretty much self-explanatory. Uses macros.

Mac Weightloss Software

Diet Sleuth
Mac. A nutritional database and personal health logbook.

Palm OS

2001 Weight Watchers Food Companion (for List Database) 2.0
Palm OS. Freeware. You will need to get a list of point value changes each new year and edit this database for your handheld.

BalanceLog 1.0
Palm OS. Commercial. Track calories, nutrients, and exercise against your nutrition and weight management goals.

Calorie Watch
Palm OS. Shareware. Guard your weight change daily by entering the food items eaten and the amount of physical activity undertaken during the day.

Dottie's Palm Pilot Download Page
Palm OS. Free. Food Lists, menus, etc. You'll need WinZip and iSilo to get this database downloaded to your computer and then over to your Palm OS. But how handy! Thank you, Dottie!

Eat It! - English 2.3a
Palm OS. Shareware. Primarily you can log all foods you have eaten throughout the day (a database with about 1100 foods is included).

Windows Weightloss Software

Weight Commander
Windows. $9.95. It's the software program that teaches, entertains, and motivates. All you have to do is enter your weight and Weight Commander does the rest.

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