“U” and “V” Directory of Milpitas

Most Milpitas elementary schools and both middle schools require uniforms. Check here for your school requirements.

Use It Yourself Features of GoMilpitas.com
Use GoMilpitas.com as your daily connection with everyone living and working in Milpitas, and all their activities and businesses.

Used Clothes ~ see Specialty Clothing Stores in Milpitas
Milpitas also has some unique ethnic clothing stores, and three stores where you can recycle clothing.

User Groups in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley user groups for hardware platforms, internet and web, professionals and hobbyists.

Utility Scam Alert
There was one such scam reported in Milpitas recently so I wanted to share with you the information on the flyer. Please share the flyer with your neighbors.

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants
Milpitas restaurants where those wishing exclusively vegetarian or vegan dishes will be happy with their meals.

Vehicles – Shopping, Sharing, and Service for Cars in Milpitas
Sales, Rental, Repairs, Road Service, and more.

Victorian Square Shopping Center
E. Calaveras Blvd. near Park Victoria Dr.
Major merchants: Leslie’s Pool Supply, Fortune Chinese Restaurant, Weight Watchers, Milpitas Optometric Group

Video Production Groups
There are a number of good video production groups and companies in Milpitas. Some are non-profit and some are commercial.

Vietnamese Dining in Milpitas
There’s nothing quite so comforting as some hot Vietnamese pho on a rainy day.

Vocalists in Silicon Valley
Join or come listen to a chorus or one of our top singers.

Volunteer matching services. Find the voluntary service that’s just right for you.

Voter Information-Local Election Results
How to file for candidacy, register to vote, get an absentee ballot, find where to vote, and find out who won!

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