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I am Ann Zeise, your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about Milpitas and Silicon Valley on the web.

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In a word, REACH. Where else can you reach nearly 2,000 local people every day, 24 hours a day, and at the most visited and trusted name in this community. The depth of information is astounding. Visitors literally sift through page, after page, after page of information. This is the best advertising purchase you can make for your business.

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The Placement Tool helps you find and choose the GoMilpitas website and other placements where your ads may run. The Placement Tool gives you four ways to identify placements: List URLs, Describe Topics, Browse Topics, and Select Demographics. Add "" and any relevant keywords to help your ads show up on the best possible pages on the community website.

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I have this really cool site everyone in Milpitas should know about. How do I get a free listing here?

First of all, you must have a physical location in Milpitas to get a free listing here. I do make some exceptions for regional services that serve many Milpitas residents and businesses, and are not duplicated by businesses or services already here. Others must use paid advertising through Google Adwords.

Suggest the site by emailing me, Ann Zeise, at . So I can list it on the appropriate page of my site, it does help to suggest one good location on my site where you think your site fits in well. I link to original content only, not to other indexes. Anything you can do to help me get your link up faster and most accurately is appreciated. You must include your Milpitas contact information!

Members of this site have the priviledge of listing their own websites under "Links." First come, first serve. However, this list is not by topic, and not findable by my search engine.

How do you make any money with this?

I don't make very much, as this site began as a community service back in 1997 before the City or the Chamber had sites, and citizens wanted an online place for information and dialog. This site is designed primarily for community networking. This site only receives revenues from advertising and affiliate relationships, not from government funding or grants.

You can help me meet my expenses by considering advertising on the site. You can bring your business or non-profit online here to help spread the word about this site. You can link to this site from your site!

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Now those who live or have a business in Milpitas my have a FREE blog site right here on that's right: no charge to you! You can have a blog for your club or organization, or just to share your thoughts. You may run ads for your own products, or have ads to help you earn money, which some other free blog services won't let you do. There are videos to show you how to get started.

Why have your blog on has been available in search engines since 1997, and is well known both in the community and online. Search engines like scan the site regularly. It is listed in the Open Directory as well. These two sell their search results to other resources. I also have links placed in many large directories. You could design a blog on another site yourself, but could you market it online as effectively to people looking for things in Milpitas? Around 6,000 pages are visited on each day. If you are here, they'll find you.

I'm a business person looking for marketing data and hard facts.

If you are looking for data about this website, I can provide you with some of the data given to me about traffic to my site as compiled by Extreme-Tracker, Google Analytics, and Quantcast. No, I will not sell my email lists under any circumstances. has 570+ pages on the community website.

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