Ann Zeise

Ann Zeise

I’m Ann Zeise, your guide to online community resources here in Milpitas, California. I’m a real person, hand selecting and checking these resources for you. I really am a currently active Chamber of Commerce member and resident of Milpitas since 1983. You can email me, Ann Zeise, at I do not work for the City of Milpitas, and I’m not the Chamber of Commerce. This site is a private business product of my home business,

I develop this site from my home, at
1949 Grand Teton Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Please read the “Frequently Asked Questions” below first to see if your question may already be answered on this site. If you can’t find it on this site, I will offer you reassurance and pointers via email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please send me some free maps or brochures about your city.

I have no free things to send. Try the Chamber of Commerce. They have a budget for this. I don’t.

I need to something from the City of Milpitas government, such as reserving a picnic ground or room at the Community Center.

Please contact the City of Milpitas government then! I am not a government employee, and GoMilpitas! is not the government website. Here are numbers for City departments.

Why don’t you have some links about….?

This is a community website and I do take suggestions from anyone living here, working here, considering moving or visiting here. (Which is why I have a Northern California Skiing page even though it doesn’t snow here, and a Recipe page, even though this isn’t particularly a site for people who like to cook. These are examples of requests from members.) Just email me, Ann Zeise, at

I’m looking for some real specific information. How do I find it on your site?

Please use the search engine in the Table of Contents of this page. It will show you on which pages I have the word or phrase you are looking for, and will nicely show you the sentence that it is used in.

I have a newsletter, website or e-list. May I copy some of your content into it?

Permission to reprint my copyrighted feature articles or photographs most likely will be granted, but there is a simple agreement that I ask, so email me first. This is an excellent way to augment your newsletter, but be sure to allow enough time. Just email me, Ann Zeise, at

You may not copy any content on this site to your website or e-list, but it is okay to copy a sentence or two in order to entice your readers to follow a link to my site. There is no need to ask permission to link to any of my pages, but I do get a kick out of knowing that you have.

I have this really cool site everyone in Milpitas should know about. How do I get it listed here?

Suggest a Milpitas organization or business site by emailing me, Ann Zeise, at Include your link to your website where it clearly states  your Milpitas address and phone number. So I can list it in the appropriate page of my site, it does help to suggest a page on my site where you think your site fits in well. I link to original content only, not to other indexes. Anything you can do to help me get your link up faster and most accurately is appreciated.

You may also pay for prime placement of your advertising banner or link. See below.


We offer a variety of ways of reaching visitors in Milpitas and the general area, and even globally on our homeschooling site. Please look on our Ads to Go! page.

I’m a business person looking for marketing data and hard facts.

There is a lot of information linked on this website. Please do not expect me to do your research for you. If you have a few specific questions after reading all the relevant links on this website then write myself, the Chamber of Commerce or City of Milpitas, depending on your question.

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