Recycling & Garbage

Santa Clara County Recycle Hotline

For information in Spanish or Vietnamese call: 408 924-5359 or e-mail:

Trash not picked up as expected?
Call 408-988-4500

Recycling Behind Luckys
S Park Victoria at Landess
Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles sorted by color
Unattended some of the time, but items may still be returned in their “reverse” vending machine-like containers.


Anti-Recycling Myths
Commentary on “Recycling is Garbage” (John Tierney, New York Times Magazine, June 30, 1996). Authors: Richard A. Denison, Ph. D.; John F. Ruston, July 18, 1996.

Milpitas Sanitation
Our new (as of December 2017) provider of recyclables, organics and garbage collection services.

Bills & Rates

Automatic Payment Service
You can pay your water and waste services bill online; however, it takes 6-8 weeks to process your request. You can set this up in a day or so with your bank’s online service, but the City’s service is free.

Solid Waste Rates
For Single Unit Residential Service, Multi-Unit Residential Service, and Commercial Service.

Compostable Wastes

Home Composting Education Program Class
only a few composting classes are held in Milpitas any longer.

See also Gardens

Computer and e-Waste Recycling

Computer Recycling Center
Accepts all computers, working or not. Also provides refurbished computers to schools and non-profits.

E-Cycle Environmental
Will come down to Milpitas businesses to pick up a minimal of 10 computers or any electronics. May be a small fee. Call at 510-839-5000 in Oakland.

Saf Keep Storage of Milpitas
Offers free e-waste drop-off at its location at 1680 S. Main St. Residents can bring any kind of electronic waste between 9am & 5pm every day at no charge.
For more information call (408) 600-0114.

San Jose Computer Liquidators
Purchases assets, large and small, of excess and obsolete computer equipment, specializing in technology assets in the Silicon Valley region.

The Dump

Household Dump Day
The City’s new deal with Waste Management Inc. means we no longer send Milpitas garbage to Newby Island. Milpitas residents will have free curbside pickup four times a year at their convenience to save trips to the dump. “Dump Days” are also available annually for $1 at the Fremont Transfer and Recycling Station.

Stink in Milpitas
The Silicon Valley odor problem seems incomprehensible. Learn about the history and current issues of the Newby Island Landfill.

Hazardous Wastes

CERLIS Superfund Sites in Milpitas
The Superfund Program is in the process of deploying a new information system, the Superfund Enterprise Management System (SEMS) which is replacing CERCLIS. CERCLIS was frozen as of November 12, 2013. Updated data will become available in early 2014 when SEMS is fully operational.
Kaiser Refractories Div Laboratory
North American Transformer

Hazardous Materials Business Plan
All facilities in Santa Clara County that use or store hazardous materials (defined as either virgin or waste materials) in any quantity are required by local ordinance to report such use or storage to the appropriate local agency.

Hazardous & E-Waste Recycling
We are glad you are interested in learning how to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and electronic waste for free at your local household hazardous waste facility and other approved locations.

Hazardous Waste Recycling & Disposal
To protect public health and the environment from the effects of improper disposal of hazardous waste from Santa Clara County homes and small businesses. Our service provides the community with practical pollution prevention strategies for the use, recycling, and disposal of products containing hazardous substances.

Paint Manufacturer Operated Retail Take-Back Locations
Kelly Moore, 301 W Calaveras Blvd., and Sherwin-Williams, 15 N Milpitas Blvd., take back paint cans for proper recycling through PaintCare Inc.

Santa Clara County Hazardous Materials Compliance Division
Three groups: Hazardous Materials Program, Household Harzardous Waste Program, and Solid Waste Program.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
While it is well known that the high-tech revolution has radically transformed late 20th century civilization, it is less well-known that high-tech development also harms people’s health as well as the environment that sustains all life.

Sterling & Associates
An Environmental Health and Safety consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with effective solutions to their occupational and environmental health & safety issues. 168 South Hillview Drive, (888) 922-1656 or 408-262-1656.

Looking for Recycled Materials?

California Materials Exchange
“One business’ trash is another business’ treasure”. Businesses, schools, and nonprofits can utilize CalMAX to search for available and wanted materials.

RAFT – Resource Area for Teachers
SF Bay Area resource for surplus materials and reasonably priced workshops. Located in San Jose near the Santa Clara County Office of Education on Ridder Park Dr.

The Container Division produces high-quality corrugated containers designed to protect, ship, store, enhance and display products made from recycled materials. Located at 201 S. Hillview Drive.


Bottles and Cans Recycling
One locations in Milpitas. Click on link to get map and hours. (Map has side street wrong. Should be Big Basin.)
rePlanet LLC
1350 S Park Victoria Dr., behind Lucky’s.
(877) 737-5263

Center for the Development of Recycling
Find information here about recycling and waste management programs for each city in Santa Clara County. This site includes information about landfills, transfer stations, curbside recycling programs, and key contacts for each city.

Earth’s 911
Milpitas-specific information. Database of where you can find where to dispose of various hazardous and recyclable materials. Edit the search box for what you want to recycle. Milpitas is already entered.

Residential Recycling
Learn what materials are recyclable and compostable and about other residential service options. The City of Milpitas values our seniors. There is a 50% cost reduction of the quarterly solid waste rate for residents 62 years and older.

The mobile, on-site document destruction industry pioneer. Our system of document destruction provides you with the ultimate in secure information disposal. 538 Gladding Ct., 408-944-0900.

Waste Management

California Integrated Waste Management Board
The Board works in partnership with local government, industry, and the public to reduce waste disposal and ensure environmentally safe landfills. California reuses and recycles approximately 42 percent of its solid waste.

Recycling & Source Reduction Advisory Commission
The seven members recommend programs designed to reduce solid waste and monitor the City’s achievement of 25% and 50% diversion goals. The Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July & October at 6pm in the Committee Meeting Room, 455 East Calaveras Boulevard.

Santa Clara County Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission
To conserve, protect and preserve the environmental resources of our community through advocacy, education and outreach programs. To reuse, reduce, recycle and intelligently dispose of waste materials. To promote composting, pollution and waste prevention and sustainable living practices for all the people in Santa Clara County.

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