Bob Burrell’s Backyard Model Railroad

Bob Burrell had an open backyard this past weekend where he and his young “engineers” ran his G-scale model railroad for all those who appeared.

Bob is also well known for his movie, the Milpitas Monster, which will be shown once again on the night before Halloween at the Century Theaters. I, Ann Zeise, have tickets for $11 each. Proceeds go to the Milpitas Historical Society, except for postage and PayPal fees. Use the PayPal icon on your screen and give me contact information on how to get the tickets to you. If you buy in person, directly from me, tickets are $10.

This was part of the Bay Area Garden Railway Society Backyard Railway Layout Tour that ran all over Silicon Valley this past weekend.

Established in 1988, the Bay Area Garden Railway Society is one of the oldest and largest regional garden railway clubs in the nation. We’ve hosted the National Garden Railway Convention five times, the most recent being the highly successful event held in 2016. We’ve also hosted two West Coast Regional Meets.

Our club aims to help new garden railroaders find the help they need, starting here.

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