California Recipes

These California recipes are made from fruits and vegetables that can be found in local gardens and farms. Some are found in local restaurants.

Silva Dries Apricots

Silva dries apricots at his orchard on Piedmont Rd. Look for California recipes on this page to use these apricots.


Fresh apricots are available in June at the ranch on Piedmont road between Calaveras and Yosemite.

Apricot Recipes
Apricot and plum tart. Apricot sorbet. Apricot preserves. Apricot purses on a cloud. Apricot crumble. Apricot nectar. Apricot soufflé. Apricot tart. Caramelized apricot tart

California Apricot Council Recipes
Try these great ways to prepare Apricots. Apricots are high in vitamins A (beta-carotene) and C, a good source of potassium, low fat and sodium free!

Fresh apricot recipes
Favorite California recipes using apricots.


Artichoke Recipes
From the California Artichoke Advisory Board: Artichoke Napolean, Fettucini with Artichokes and Ham, Artichoke hors d’oeuvre with Sweet Anise and Chick Pea Dip, and more.


Asian Recipes
We have a large Asian community here in Milpitas. This helpful site has recipes from each culture as well as lots of information about herbal remedies and Asian culture.

Bubble Tea Recipes
The beauty of Bubble Tea is the versatility of this drink.  Please play with the recipes and come up with your own creations.


Best Guacamole
Submitted by: Kathy Shaw. The real trick to great guacamole is to use good avocados. Make sure your avocados are ripe and of the Haas variety.

California Avocado Recipes
Guacamole and avocado recipes submitted to the California Avocado Commission website. Receive free avocado recipe each month via email.

Baked Goodies

Baker’s Square French Silk Pie
The trick is to substitute buttermilk for regular milk.

Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pão de queijo)
Originally from a town in Brazil called Guaporé, Fernanda D. of Milpitas keeps the foods and recipes from her culture alive in her household.

California Earthquake Cake
This California recipe features coconut and nuts topped with chocolate cake mix. Then powdered sugar is poured in a criss-crossed pattern on top before baking.

El Torito’s Sweet Corn Cake
Here’s how they make that sweet corn bread.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Inspired Desserts
With the best chocolate in the world made just up the road in San Leandro, we can’t get enough California recipes for these chocolate treats!

San Francisco Sourdough French Bread
If you’re a bread lover, nothing beats the tangy taste and chewy texture of true San Francisco French style sourdough bread. From its hard crust to its soft interior, this California recipe bread has a unique flavor that is hard to resist.

San Francisco Sourdough Recipes
Here in Milpitas we take these recipes for granted – crab dip on sourdough, sourdough french toast, and more.


Bing or Black Cherry Flan – Clafouti
In central France, this custardy fruit dessert is known as clafoutis. It can be made with a variety of fresh fruits, but plump, glossy dark sweet cherries are the traditional first choice.

Bing Cherry Walnut Oatmeal Crumble
Rather like apple crisp but made with fresh Bing Cherries.

Bing Cherry Salad – Port Wine and Bing Cherry Salad
The wonderful flavor of Bing Cherries enchanced and enriched with Port Wine.. simply irresistable!

Cherry Recipes
Cherry Almond Cinnamon Rolls, Brown Butter Cherry Bars, Cherry Almond Quick Bread, Fresh Cherry Sauce, Fresh Cherry Hand Pies, and more.

Cream Cake with Bing Cherry Sauce
This is an elegant, yet simple cake to make for a special occasion. The white cake is layered with a vanilla pudding in the middle, frosted with sweetened whipped cream, dusted with chocolate curls and served with a warm bing cherry sauce.

Dates and Figs

California Fig Recipes
From the California Fig Advisory Board. A bunch of quick, easy ideas of what to do with your backyard crop of figs.

Cooking With Dates
Versatile California Dates go well with many other fruits, and are compatible in compotes, salads, and desserts. Provided by the California Date Administrative Committee.

Fig Newton Bars
The cakes took their name from the Massachusetts town of Newton, which is a suburb of Boston. Here’s a recipe to let you make these popular bars with figs from your back yard tree.

Just Fruit Recipes – Date Recipes
A couple of dozen recipes to suit every craving for dates.

Just Fruit Recipes – Fig Recipes
A couple of dozen recipes to suit every craving for figs.

Valley Fig Growers’ Recipes
If your busy schedule leaves little time to plan or eat balanced meals, keep dried figs on hand as a kitchen-cabinet staple. Here are some quick ways to add figs, and more nutrition, to your everyday favorite dishes.


California Advacado Fruit Salad
Mixed greens, kiwi, advacado, grapefruit and strawberries make a tangy summer salad.

Fruit Cake Recipe
At the top of this page is a humorous look at fruit cake baking, but at the bottom are links for real fruit cake recipes.

Persimmon Recipes You Should Try This Fall
Here’s everything you need to know about choosing and storing them, plus our favorite persimmon recipes. Martha Stewart recipes for a fruit many here grow in their yards.


Savor California
Recipes featuring new gourmet foods from artisan specialty food producers all over California.

Grapes and Raisins

Double Boiler Raisin Bread Pudding for Two
It is so good, it may serve just one! A layer of brown sugar on the bottom of the pan makes a delectable sauce for the pudding, while also protecting the custard from contact with the hot pan.

Raisin Country Recipes
Not only are California Raisins a simply delicious snack, they also make a fantastic addition to all of your favorite recipes. Great natural or cooked, there are thousands of ways to enjoy the wholesome goodness of California Raisins.

Sun-maid Recipes
This collection includes many of our classic recipes that have been enjoyed by generations of families.


Gory Goodies
Drinks, Dips, Snacks, & Appetizers, Breads, Main Dishes, Desserts and Other Good Ideas


California Wrap Sandwich
What you get when you mix California cuisine with a big Mexican tortilla.

Chicken Tortilla Casserole California-Style
A family favorite! I often make it to freeze in portions for my family to take to work (reheats easily in a microwave). I generally make this as low-fat as possible using skim milk, lowfat cheeses, tortillas & soups.

Mexican Recipes
Your home for great Mexican food recipes, meal ideas and cooking advice.

Jams and Jellies

Kumquat Marmalade
I don’t think there is anything else you CAN do with kumquats BUT make marmalade! They are so sour!

Pyracantha Jelly
You don’t have to let the robins eat all those lovely, red pyracantha berries!

Lemons and Oranges

27 Lemon Dessert Recipes For When Life Gives You Lemons
From Bon Appetit. Best lemon dessert recipes.

Lemon Pudding Squares
Most Milpitas and Silicon Valley homes have at least one Meyer Lemon tree. Here’s a favorite recipe for this sweet lemon.

Sunkist Healthy Recipes
Calorie counting low fat recipes featuring citrus fruits and juices.

Sunkist Recipes
Recipes you to help you use up your backyard lemon, limes, orange and grapefruit crop for a wide variety of drinks, meals, and desserts.


Favorite Recipes for Delicious Lamb Dishes
4 all new Baby Back Ribs recipes! Classic Veal Recipes!
and try the Spicy Lamb Leg Steaks. From Rosen & Sons.

Grilled Lamb Recipes
Several delicious recipes for BBQ’d lamb from the Barbecue Bible.

In-N-Out Double-Double
This is a recipe for making what I believe is the best hamburger in the world. The secret to duplicating this and other fast-food burgers is getting the beef patties real thin…about 1/4 inch-thick.


MykoWeb: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology
Learn to identify wild mushrooms with this Bay Area group, and once you are sure you have found edible mushrooms, here you’ll also find recipes to suit your pallate.


California Almond Recipes
Top recipes: Strawberry Cucumber Salad with Almonds and Mint, Beet Salad with Almonds and Chives, Chinese Pearl Balls with Orange Ginger Dipping Sauce, and Orange Almond Bostock. Look for new recipes, by situation, and browse by meal type.

Pistachio Facts and Recipes
California pistachios are excellent “keepers” when stored properly. To keep them at their freshest, store pistachios in a refrigerated airtight container or keep them in the freezer for long-term storage. Recipes for Pistachio Pesto Pasta, Salmon with Pistachio-Basil Butter, and Cranberry Pistachio Semolina Tea Bread.

California Walnut Recipes
Starting with Ricotta and Apricot Walnut Crepes. From the The California Walnut Commission.

Walnuts Recipes
Walnuts have been around for millions of years, and a crop here in California for more than a century!

Olives and Olive Oil

California Olives Channel
Cooking videos. How to make great meals fast using olives.

Olive Oil Source
Olive trees look so lovely… until they begin dropping black olives all over the place. Here’s a resource for dealing with your olive crop, or having it pressed into gourmet olive oil.


California Bartlett Pear Recipes
Quick ideas for breakfast. lunch or dessert, as well as elaborate recipes featuring pears.

Plums and Prunes

California Dried Plum Recipes
California Dried Plums are the not-so-secret ingredients that make everything from appetizers and salads to entr¨es and desserts irresistibleüand good for you, too!

Sunsweet Recipes
Sweets and desserts made with Suunsweet prunes.


California Chicken Salad
And as always, mix and match the salad ingredients to suit yourself. If mangoes are too expensive where you are, use halved grapes or apple chunks. If you don’t like the crunch of celery, use cucumber cubes. If you don’t want to screw with finding poppy seeds, just leave them out. It’ll break my heart but won’t make much difference to the final product.

California Turkey Chili
In a skillet, heat oil over low heat. Add bell peppers, onions, and garlic. Cook until tender. Then, add beans, tomatoes, water, turkey, chili powder, coriander, red pepper flakes, and salt. Simmer 25 minutes.

Charbroiled Turkey California Sandwich Roll
Turkey steaks served up on tortillas.

Willie Bird Turkeys Willy Bird Turkeys
Probably the best free-range turkeys in the state. You can order them from this website. Famous for their quality and taste.


Pomegranate Recipes
What can you do with these tantalizing seeds? Should you chew and swallow or spit them out after getting out all the juice? From appetizers to desserts.


Carbonara Stuffed Potatoes with Crispy Pancetta
Our Chopped Dinner Challenge this week was pancetta, a kind of Italian unsmoked bacon. We wanted to do a spin on the classic spaghetti carbonara and crossed it with a twice-baked potato for crispy, cheesy, eggy comfort.

Delicious Sweet potato Recipes
Come try Crispy Sweet potato Wedges, Sweet potato Leek, Sweet potato Chicken Oriental and other great recipes from the The Sweet Potato Council of California.

White Potato Recipes
The newly developed White Rose (California long white) grown only in Arizona and California, is becoming a popular all-purpose potato.


Bay Area Bites
Celebrity Chefs Recipes from San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants on KQED website. Includes some cannibis recipes.

Marzetti Recipes
T. Marzetti has a plant on Yosemite Dr. Here are recipes that feature their dressings.

Services Group of America subsidiary McCabe’s Quality Foods , Inc.
Seasonal recipes from this Milpitas food distributor. Restaurant quality recipes.


California Nori Rolls
These rolls are great to bring to parties, as everyone with be impressed with how beautiful and yummy they are. They are also very lowfat.

California Wild Rice Recipes
Specialty varieties of rice grown in California can be used in each of these recipes.

California Rice Oil Company Recipes
As this page grows we will be adding recipes from well known chefs and other users of rice bran oil.

Rancho California Rice
Ronald Reagan’s favorite rice recipe. (From when he was governor.)


Cioppino (San Francisco style fish stew)
When you have a houseful, whip up a potful of Cioppino to treat family and friends. This San Francisco-style fish stew is nutritious and delicious–shrimp is high in omega-3s and low in mercury. The amount and types of fish can be varied according to what you can find fresh locally. How to select and clean mussels for this recipe.

Red Lobster Copycat Recipes
Want a recipe like their Cheddar Bay Biscuits or one of their seafood dishes?


Strawberries: Juicy summer recipes
Make the most of the season’s finest with our round-up of Delia’s brightest berry recipes.

Strawberry Recipes: Palate Pleasing!
If you really want to indulge, preview the quick and easy recipes we’ve included to please your palate. From dips and drinks, to salads and sauces, to glorious glazes, toppings, pies and cakes, we’ve got the goods on cooking with strawberries. The California Strawberry Commission.


California Asparagus
Asparagus “tips,” recipe ideas, and information about where it is grown.

California Tomato Growers Association
Check the Chef’s Recipes for elegant recipes featuring California tomatoes from 4-star restaurants around the world.

California Zucchini Quiche
If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian, here’s a great dish to use up that big zucchini.

Famous Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Revenge of the chocolate zucchini bread. To get back at my ex-husband, I had to use the dessert he loved most. By Paulina Borsook.

Pepper Fool
California vendor of hot sauces has an abundance of Mexican and Chinese hot pepper recipes.

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