Medical Technology Developed in Milpitas

Medical Technology

Medical Technology companies are growing in number in Milpitas, CA. When you come to Silicon Valley, you can find talent in both technology and medicine. We innovate devices to make life simpler for those with diabetes and cancer. We create custom mice—the rodent kind. We design devices for medical research. We create software to manage dental offices. We devise stents for safe and effective treatment for cardiovascular disease. We can create prototypes for your new inventions in medical technology.

Manufacturing site for a South San Francisco company. We believe this unifying theme of controlling the immune system has the potential to cure both neurodegeneration and many forms of cancer.
521 Cottonwood Drive, Suite 112
South San Francisco number: 415-231-5660

Applied StemCell
ISO-certified, AAALAC-accredited provider of quality service and products for engineering mouse models with a wide range of genetic modifications using CRISPR/Cas9 and TARGATT™ technologies.
521 Cottonwood Drive

BigFoot Biomedical
Bigfoot believes people living with insulin-requiring diabetes deserve relief from its daily burden. We envision a world where the emotional, mental, physical, and financial burden of diabetes has been significantly reduced. We are passionately dedicated to delivering simpler, safer, and more effective solutions for life with insulin.
1561 Buckeye Drive

A global market leader and an innovator in providing customer-centric molecular pathology solutions and complete walk-away automation of cell and tissue staining.
49026 Milmont Drive, Fremont, just north of Dixon Landing in Milpitas.
510-824-1400 ext 1

BioVision aims to provide our customers innovative tools for accelerating drug discovery and biological research. BioVision offers >8,000 products including the most comprehensive array of assay kits for key targets in Metabolic pathways.
155 S. Milpitas Blvd.

Elixir Medical Corporation
The company’s next-generation drug-eluting stent systems are designed to optimize localized drug delivery and provide a safe and effective treatment for cardiovascular disease.
920 North McCarthy Blvd, Suite 100

Develops and deploys medical diagnostics with a technology that brings new levels of sensitivity and ease of use to immunoassays through the innovative application of magnetic nanosensors.
521 Cottonwood Drive, Suite 121

Medical Design Solutions
A contract design and developer of complex, highly precise miniaturized sensors and systems used in medical device applications.
1525 McCarthy Blvd

Easy-to-use, web-based applications that serve a broad range of quality oversight and data management needs for hospitals, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
690 North McCarthy Blvd, Suite 200.

Sikka Software
Helps dentists and teams understand and maximize their business profitability with best fee schedules, ROI analysis, marketing, patient analysis, insurance analysis, supplies analysis and demographics analysis.
830 Hillview Court, Suite 290.

Varian Medical Systems
Oncology solutions designed to work for today, and think for tomorrow. The ProBeam® Compact proton therapy system, an alternative for centers with limited space, brings full function at a reduced cost structure and footprint.
660 N McCarthy Blvd

Venta Medical
A medical device contract manufacturer offering complete turn-key services from engineered prototypes to manufacturing of commercial products.
1971 Milmont Dr.

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