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About Power Conditions
Conservation Tips
Education for Children
Loans, Rebates, etc.
PG&E – Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Power Politics
Silicon Valley Clean Energy

About Power Conditions

California ISO System Conditions
Shows load forecasts and 10-minute load snapshots.

ISO System Status
Displays current system status and active and pending market notices (Alerts, Warnings and Staged Emergency notices).

News Releases – The California ISO
We invite anyone who would like to keep up with the latest energy news to check out News Releases on a regular basis.


San Jose-based corporation, builder of natural gas power generation facilities.

Conservation Tips

Consumer Energy Center
Tips for saving energy at home and at work.

Energy Saving Tips
Take your free 5 minute Home Energy Checkup today. Find out how much of your home energy goes to heating, hot water, appliances, lighting and other uses.

Flex Alert
A Flex Alert is a call for consumers to conserve electricity during heat waves when power use outstrips electricity supply and other challenging grid conditions, such as when power plants or power lines are unexpectedly unavailable making electricity deliveries difficult.

Go Solar California
This site provides consumers a “one-stop shop” for information on rebates, tax credits, and incentives for solar energy systems in California.

Education for Children

Electricity 4 Kids
I want to find out more about electricity and electronics.

Learn about our energy and environmental classroom lessons. No cost!

Safe Kids
Order free booklets about safety around electricity and natural gas. Have fun on their E-Smart Kids site for kids.

Science Fair Experiments from Energy Kids Learn the keys to a successful science fair project and find links to energy experiments, courtesy of the National Energy Education Development Project. Get the Guide to Planning a Science Fair Project. Watch the award-winning, 15 minute, cartoon Prepare for the Science Fair.

Loans, Rebates, etc.

Energy Efficiency Financing
The California Energy Commission’s Energy Efficiency Financing Program provides financing for schools, hospitals and local governments through low-interest loans for feasibility studies and the installation of energy-efficiency measures.

Energy Star
How you can improve your home, business or school with energy-saving appliances and use.

Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade
Evaluate all of the systems in your home to determine which upgrades can reduce your energy use and improve the comfort of your home. Make your home more energy efficient and get up to $5,500* in rebates.

Get discounts on your PG&E bill with the CARE Program
Qualified households receive deep discounts on their energy bills through the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program.

Go Solar California
Provides California consumers a “one-stop shop” for information on solar programs, rebates, tax credits, and information on installing and interconnecting solar electric and solar thermal systems. The site has information on program rules, including eligible equipment and standards, as well as information on how to find an eligible, licensed solar contractor.

PG&E – Pacific Gas & Electric Company

PG&E’s emergency power outage information line. Lots of good emergency links. Form for less pressing concerns.

Underground Service Alert (USA) is a free service for homeowners, excavators and professional contractors who are digging, blasting, trenching, drilling, grading, or excavating.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Milpitas gets its gas and electricity through PG&E.

For TTD/TTY — Speech/Hearing-Impaired
For Information in Spanish
For Information in Chinese
For Information in Vietnamese

Power Politics

California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission is the state’s primary energy policy and planning agency. Created by the Legislature in 1974 and located in Sacramento, the Commission has five major responsibilities.

California ISO
The electricity picture in California is a complex interaction of many entities. This page attempts to pull together resources to help you understand and navigate the California electric market.

California Public Utilities Commission
Keep informed about how our utilities are being regulated.

Natural Gas in California
Overview of the natural gas system from the California Energy Commission.

Silicon Valley Clean Energy

Frequently Asked Questions
We provide Milpitas residential and commercial electricity customers with clean, carbon free electricity options at competitive prices, from sources like solar, wind and hydropower. We source the electricity, and PG&E delivers it over existing utility lines, and continues to do maintenance, billing and customer service. This type of model is known as Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) or Community Choice Energy (CCE).

It’s All About Choice
MILPITAS CUSTOMERS: If you received a notice that your generation service is changing to SVCE, and you want to enjoy the benefits of clean energy at competitive rates, you don’t need to do anything – you will be automatically enrolled into GreenStart beginning in June 2018.

SOLAR CUSTOMERS: Please see our rooftop solar page for more info about your enrollment schedule and Net Energy Metering choice with SVCE.

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