“M” Directory of Milpitas

Bay Area magazines that help you find the good life here.

Mail & Shipping
FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service

Mail Lists – see Boards and Mail Lists
Connect with others in Milpitas and nearby to talk about our town and its activities.

Major Stores – Great Mall
Shop at the major Great Mall stores online or off.

Malaysian Dining in Milpitas
Malaysian food may be new to you. It is a fusion between Chinese, Indian, and Thai food.

Malls – see Shopping Centers
Looking for a link to a particular store in a certain mall? Look here. Even if I don’t have a link, the phone number is here.

Map to Milpitas Schools
Map showing where the public schools are located. Page includes links to school websites and principals’ email addresses.

Maps and directions to the most often visited places in Milpitas.

Maps to Milpitas Parks and Recreation Sites
Addresses, facilities, and maps to all the parks and recreational facilities in Milpitas.

Martial Arts
Learn martial arts at these clubs in Milpitas, CA.

McCarthy Ranch Marketplace
McCarthy Blvd.
Banking & Investing
Clothing and Footwear
Health and Beauty
Furnishings and Crafts
Major Stores

Medical Technology
Companies here make medical imagining equipment, devices to combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Meeting Halls
Whether you need a meeting hall for business, a wedding, or large event, there’s a place to rent in Milpitas!

Men’s Apparel – Great Mall
Clothes for active young men on up through business suits for VIPs at outlet prices.

Message Boards – see Boards and Mail Lists
Connect with others in Milpitas and nearby to talk about our town and its activities.

Mexican Food Restaurants
From authentic mexican cuisine to fast food, you can find good Mexican food in Milpitas, CA.

Milpitas Alumni Groups & Reunion Plans
A number of classes from Milpitas High School and Ayer High School have virtual and real reunions.

Milpitas Community Library
Where, When Open, Events, and Phone Number
160 N. Main St.
Phone number links work with cell phones.

Middle Schools – see Milpitas Unified School District
General Milpitas school district information.

Milpitas High School
Find out about school information, clubs, events and other news at our California high school.

Milpitas Mom’s Favorite Jokes
We love to laugh about ourselves! Cyberjokes with a Silicon Valley or parenting twist.

Milpitas National Little League Baseball
For more information, email milpitasnationallittleleague@gmail.com or visit Milpitas National Little League on Facebook.

Milpitas Shopping Center
W. Calaveras Blvd. next to Calaveras Plaza
Major merchants: Mil’s Diner, Kragen

Milpitas Town Center
E. Calaveras Blvd. and Hillview
Major merchants: Staples, Safeway Big 5 Sporting Goods, Giorgio’s Italian Restaurant

Arrive here by broadband? Your modem may have been made here.

For mothers who want to network with other moms in or near Milpitas, Califiornia.

Motels – see Hotels
Milpitas hotels and motels provide a variety of services to accommodate visitors and business guests.

What’s at the movies? Movie Reviews. Buy videos & DVDs. Video stores.

Multimedia & Video
If you want to see it and see it in motion on your computer, check out the cutting edge being made right here in Milpitas.

Muscular / Skeletal Clinics
Doctors, chiropractors, sports therapists, and massage therapists to help with your muscle and skeletal health problems.

Children-Welcome museums in Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. A Guide feature.

Come dance and sing and make merry with musical instruments with us!

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