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DSL Reports – Speed Test
This is the page that the DSL support people at SBC use to test internet download and upload speeds. It is heavily used, so be patient.

Fastest Broadband ISPs for 95035
The data recorded in this table represents speeds recorded by users to test servers located around the USA, at the time the test done.

Internet Service Providers in Milpitas, CA
The average download speed in Milpitas is 40.48 Mbps. This is 34.5% faster than the average in California and 13.0% faster than the national average. There are 23 internet providers in Milpitas with 8 of those offering residential service. Milpitas is the 42nd most connected city in California ahead of Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and San Jose, but behind Campbell and Alviso.

ISP Directory
We have listed thousands of Internet Service Providers in our data base that fit your need. You can also search Cheap ISP, Free ISP, Low Cost ISP Providers by city / state and area code.

Internet Related Services

An 80,000 square-foot data center facility centrally located in the Bay Area. The former MCI data center is now under CRG West management.
1656 McCarthy Blvd.

Protecting enterprises, service providers, and consumers from botnets. To keep up to date on threat research, analysis, and mitigation, visit the FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab.
601 McCarthy Blvd.

Milpitas Hosting
Milpitas Hosting™ can register your domain and host your site for you. We offer generous plans at extremely competitive rates.

Free Internet Service Providers

The following provide free or very-reduced-in-price internet access, usually paid for by advertisements which you must view.

California Community Networks
There are a good number of free and low cost community networks in California.

Silicon Valley Public Access Link
A Non-profit Internet Service Provider serving Individuals and Non-profit Organizations since 1994 – Dialup Access – E-mail – Mailing Lists – Web Sites

Internet Businesses

We are developing wireless systems that can sense spectrum that is not occupied, can determine whether use of the spectrum would cause interference to other spectrum users entitled to protection and then confirm with applicable national spectrum regulations whether that spectrum can be legally used.

When your company embeds noHold Instant Support™ on its Web site, your customers get response instantly in a chat-like interface.
225 South Milpitas Blvd.
408-946-9200 ext. 356

Major Non-Retail Websites

Gaia Online
Community roleplaying site with anime, manga, and video game discussions as well as a links database and a fan-art gallery. Located on Serra Way, Milpitas.
You are on it now. Founded in 1997 and still going strong as a resource for all.


Fiber Optic Cable
December 19th we watched as the Utilities Construction Company strung fiber optic cable on top of (turned off) power towers. Photos.

Silicon Valley Internet News
Real-time news and information resources for Internet industry and Internet technology professionals, Web developers and experienced Internet users.

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