“S” Directory of Milpitas

Sandwiches – Deli & Vietnamese Sandwiches in Milpitas
No matter where you turn, there’s a sandwich shop in Milpitas! New to the scene are Vietnamese sandwich shops. Yelp reviews for most sandwiches, so find the best!

Schools – see Milpitas Unified School District
General Milpitas school district information.

Seafood & Steak Restaurants
The best seafood and steak dining in the San Jose-San Francisco Bay Area.

Semiconductor Businesses
We have companies that make the chips, companies that make the equipment that make the chips, and companies that make programmers to program the chips.

Senior Center
Event information, senior resource links, map, directions and a photo of the Milpitas Senior Center.

Sewer & Water
Where Milpitas water comes from and where it goes later.

Shoes – Footwear
Milpitas footware outlets and stores. Shop online for shoes for men, women and children.

Shop our neighborhood stores and support GoMilpitas!

Shopping Centers
Looking for a link to a particular store in a certain mall? Look here. Even if I don’t have a link, the phone number is here.

Silicon Valley Women’s Organizations and Resources
Whether you are a woman wanting to network with other moms or business women or those of your culture, we have links to women’s organizations for you!

Silicon Valley Singles Center
Silicon Valley groups and other ways for single people to meet and have fun together.

Sister Cities
More information and links about our two sister cities: Dugupan City in the Philippines, and Kukizaki, Japan.

No, it doesn’t often snow in Milpitas, but many love to head to the slopes near Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

Smoothies ~ see Ice Cream & Smoothies
Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot day than a cold ice cream, gelato, smoothie or other cold treat.

Specialty Clothing Stores in Milpitas
Milpitas also has some unique ethnic clothing stores, and three stores where you can recycle clothing.

Spectator Sports
Fans and couch potatoes unite here, cheer on your favorite Bay Area teams.

STAR Scores in the Milpitas Unified School District
Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Results from the California Department of Education.

Stocks and Bonds
Care to invest in Silicon Valley company stocks?

Storage Devices & Parts
Devices for storing your precious data, such as hard drives, tape drives, CD Rom drives, etc. and their component parts are made in Milpitas.

Summer Programs and Camps
Milpitas has several summer school programs and in-city camps.

Swimming Pools and Lessons
Milpitas has lots of pools where you can go and to keep cool or take swim lessons when the summer heat sizzles.

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