“C” Directory of Milpitas

Calaveras – Sierra Rd Loop
Scenic drive in the snowy mountains east of Milpitas and San Jose, California.

Calendar of Events
Comprehensive calendar of fun things to do and meetings to attend in Milpitas. Events may be entered by registered site members.

Calendars of Events in and Near Milpitas
For Milpitas, Silicon Valley and Bay Area groups that hold events or meetings nearby.

California Community Networks
There are a good number of free and low cost community networks in California.

California Recipes
These California recipes are made from fruits and vegetables that can be found in local gardens and farms. Some are found in local restaurants.

Camera Club
Photographer Kaz has organized local photography enthusiasts interested in meeting monthly or more often to share photography tips and occassionally go on photographic field trips.

Find out who is running for mayor, city council and school board in the next local election in Milpitas.

Career Moves
Milpitas companies with career opportunities.

Career Tips
Resume and interview advice, job fairs and resume databases.

Resources for your pampered pussy, or what to do with that feral cat.

Catholic Schools
Parochial schools in and near Milpitas, CA.

Photo essays of events, celebrations and seasonal activities from your Go Milpitas guide.

Census Data
Hard facts about our population, history and trends.

Cheapest Gas in Milpitas
Locate the least expensive, cheapest gas stations to fill up your tank in Milpitas. Widget updated several times a day.

Childcare – see Pre-Schools and Daycare
Quality childcare for the littlest citizens of Milpitas.

Children’s Apparel – Great Mall
Shop for children’s clothes at the virtual Great Mall.

Chinese Food ~ see Asian Restaurants
Milpitas, CA, Asian restaurants – Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese – with menus, and nutritional information.

Chiropractic Services ~ see Muscular / Skeletal Clinics
Doctors, chiropractors, sports therapists, and massage therapists to help with your muscle and skeletal health problems.

Christian Schools – see Protestant Schools or Catholic Schools
We have a number of schools focusing on a variety of Christian beliefs.

Churches – see Places of Worship
We’re a diverse community with a wide variety of religious practices.

City Guides Hope Net Users Will See the Sites
“Local commerce is certainly a burgeoning market. . . . Whoever can get the local commerce market onto the Internet is someone who’s going to make a lot of money in the long run,” said Yankee Group analyst Emily Meehan.

City Government Phone Directory
Telephone numbers for City of Milpitas government contacts, services and information.

City Hall Opening, October 20, 2002
Photos from Dedication Day. Lots of your friends and mine. Didn’t we have a grand time?

Fashions for men, women and children. Dry cleaning establishments.

Coffee & Tea Shops
Places to get that special cup of espresso, chai, coffees, and teas – or order online for your own stash.

Milpitas companies provide a lot of the equipment for the telecommunications industry.

Community Breakfast
The community breakfast’s purpose is simple, to give the everyday residents of Milpitas access to their civic leaders in and a give and take exchange of ideas over a casual breakfast.

Community Center
A large hall with a stage and several meeting and activity rooms make up the lively Milpitas Community Center.

Community Library
The Milpitas Community Library is a tremendously popular resource.

Community Organizations – see Organizations
Get involved with one or more of these community organizations.

Community Services
How and where to get grants, funding, project support and other community resources.

Computer History
Liza Loop showing me the first Apple computer that Wozniak personally gave to her. It was kept in Milpitas for many years until the Sobrato Center kicked out the little museum.

From powerful workstations to notebooks, and the controllers that make them all work. We make ’em.

Computing Resources in Milpitas and Nearby
Data recovery. Recycle an old computer. Buy a used computer. Many also repair cell phones and tablets.

Contact Information
How to contact Ann Zeise, the owner of this website.

A resource of counseling services and support groups.

Credit Unions
Non-profit financial institutions in Milpitas that are owned and operated entirely by its members. Credit unions provide financial services for their members, including savings and lending.

Crime Fighting
Legal services and other information to help fight crime, or just help you find a lawyer.

Arts, Literature, Museums and the Visual Arts.

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