I, Ann Zeise, your GoMilpitas webmaster, also had a very large and popular homeschooling website, A2Z Home’s Cool for over 2 decades. In 2017 I sold it to as the site had become too large for one person to run. I needed “staff.” The site is currently being brought into a large group of homeschooling sites through Homeschool Connect.

Locally, though. I continue to serve homeschool families in my area.

On Facebook I have a page for Milpitas Homeschool Support – East Side Silicon Valley, California

There I post interesting, educational, and fun things for Milpitas and other area homeschool families to do. Just “Like” and “Follow” the page to the degree you want to see the ideas and events posted there. Those who “Like” the site are encouraged to also offer interesting activities. While I would like to offer a park day, there has not been enough interest. I’ll leave that up to someone else to organize.

Kite Flying at Ben Rogers Park

Kite Flying at Ben Rogers Park

If you’d like to come play at Ben Rogers Park on Wednesdays, please come. My home is on the west side of the park, the one with all the red geraniums you can see from the playground. If the black car is in the driveway, then I am home. Just knock on the door, and I’ll come out to join you. My homeschooled kid is now in his 30s, and hasn’t played in the park for decades. But this grandmother still likes to walk in the park, pet the dogs, and enjoy watching the children play. If you happen to have questions bout homeschooling, I’d love to do my best to answer, or point out resources. The park has picnic tables and barbecues, a sandlot with playground equipment, dog-friendly (with bags, leashes required), a geocache and tons of good Pokemon destinations. Plenty of space to fly a kite or drone.

If you’d rather call, our home phone is 408-942-5433. We have telemarketing blocking on it, so to get through, you must say something, such as “Mary about Homeschooling” and then hit #. I will hear you say that if I am at home, and answer the phone. If I’m not home, leave a message. I don’t give out my cell phone, because I don’t want to get calls when driving or involved in outside activities.

Here are some useful links for local homeschoolers.

Other Santa Clara County Homeschool Support Groups

How to Form a Private School for Homeschooling in Your Own Home

HomeSchool Association of California

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