Elmwood Jail

Santa Clara County Correctional Facility in Milpitas, California

Also known as Elmwood jail, has facilities for minimum- and medium-security men and women.

Elmwood Jail

Find an Inmate
To obtain inmate booking information you must provide the Person File Number (PFN) or Booking Number (CEN), or Name, and Date of Birth or Booking Date of the inmate.

My Family Member Has Been Arrested – What Do I Do?
A practical guide on what to do if your family member or friend has been arrested in Santa Clara County, and has a mental health and/or addiction diagnosis.

About the Elmwood Jail

Department of Correction
DOC operates three major institutions, the Main Jail, the Elmwood Correctional Facility and the Correctional Center for Women.

Elmwood Jail
This is one of two facilities operated by the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections. It includes the Men’s Correctional Facility and the Correctional Center for Women (CCW).  The Elmwood complex houses minimum and medium security inmates at 701 South Abel, Milpitas.

Elmwood Jail – Contact Information & Map
Address, phone numbers, directions and map.

Elmwood Jail – Outreach Programs
Education, training, ministries, and other outreach programs at both the men’s and women’s facilities.

Visitors Information
Check this link for information about how to visit with inmates in both the men’s and women’s facility.

Bail Bonds

Bail Bondsmen – San Francisco Bay Area
Do you know what a bail bond or bail bondsman is? There are a several ways of explaining bail bonds and how a person in jail can get out of jail.

Tales of Elmwood

History confined in jail
Elmwood jail and Milpitas have had a long and turbulent relationship. The jail has gone through several reincarnations: first as a rich man’s mansion, then as a homeless shelter, and then a jail.

Yelp Reviews of Elmwood Jail by Visitors and Inmates
“The food is a little better but, man! Food is one reason to stay out of jail if you like good food.”
“3 meals a day a bed to sleep in. Even got a TV was livin’ like a king for free. Now i spend 80 bucks a day for the same s**t minis on TV. When I need to vacation, I’ll take a trip back. Gotta love the ranch.”

Who’s Been In Elmwood?

This new feature will be updated as news stories appear about notorious inmates incarcerated in Elmwood Jail. Be aware of the dates. I’m never told when these folks leave the jail, only when they enter. The average stay is 3 months, I’ve been told.

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