Milpitas Newspapers

Milpitas Post of Past

Milpitas Post of Past

Milpitas Post
News stories now a part of the Mercury News, so you will only see a few news stories. No longer any physical presence in Milpitas. Ian Bauer was let go. No way to publish your local events or advertisements. Please consider using the GoMilpitas Events listings here for free. Contact me about advertising on

The Milpitas Beat
2018 startup as the Post starts to fail us. Our vision is to cultivate a more connected, conscious, and vibrant community by providing news coverage that truthfully reflects the expression, ideas, and culture of the people of Milpitas. Contact information. Facebook page.

In the feed below, you will be able to read all MilpitasBeat stories, the ones with images, but will only be able to read a few Mercury News stories unless you have a paid subscription. Sorry about that.

Ethnic and Foreign Language Newspapers

El Observador
The #1 Bilingual Weekly Newspaper of Northern California. Based in San Jose.

India Post
Global in scope. Produced in Union City.

Punjab News Weekly

An Indian Punjabi Language Newspaper based in Milpitas and widely circulated through hard copy all over in United States. This newspaper is online both in Punjabi and English Language.

Silicon Valley Newspapers

The Almanac
Source for local news about Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside. Not blocked.

Berryessa Sun
ING Newspaper for the Berryessa neighborhood of San Jose. Can’t read much without subscription.

Business Journal of San Jose
Business news and business card exchange. Not blocked.

Mountain View Voice
News, events, and classifieds. Not blocked.

Palo Alto Weekly
Source for local news about Palo Alto. Not blocked.

Stanford Daily
University news, entertainment, sports and student issues.

Tri-City Voice
An independently owned weekly publication covering the cities of Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Sunol, and Milpitas.

Favorite Columnists

I, Cringely
The sex symbol, airplane enthusiast and adventurer continues to write about personal computers and has an active consulting business in Silicon Valley, selling his cybersoul to the highest bidder.

Greater San Francisco Bay Area Newspapers

Fremont Argus
News from Alameda County. A’s baseball updates. Again, you must subscribe and remove your ad blocker to read anything.

MediaNews Group
Digital First Media, a business name of MediaNews Group. Portal to all the MediaNews Group newspapers in the Bay Area and beyond. This is the company that is buying up all the local newspapers around, including the Milpitas Post, which was bought by the San Jose Mercury News, which is owned by MediaNews Group. They are making all the once free community news into subscriber-only. You can’t read paper or online version without a subscription. Oh, and online you have to turn off your ad blocker.

San Francisco Chronicle
For the view of the news from The City! Other sections also available from this link. No blocking yet.

Monterey Bay Area Newspapers

Monterey County Herald
Place to find out more about Laguna Seca racing, dining and entertainment. Not blocked.

Santa Cruz Sentinal
Always something somewhat radical happening in this university town. Not blocked.

California Newspapers

California Newspapers
From the Internet Public Library. Links to newspapers all over the state.

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