No activity can be as rewarding as relaxing near a crystal clear waterway with fishing pole in hand and line in the water. We’ve got some of the best fishing spots around!

Department of Fish and Game plants larger fish, more of them
The following Santa Clara County lakes will be stocked with 1-pound rainbow trout in the spring.

  • Spring Valley Pond at Ed R. Levin County Park
  • Sandy Wool Lake at Ed R. Levin County Park

Department of Fish and Game
Yes, children 15 and younger can fish at Sandy Wool Lake without a license. In the summer the lake is stocked with catfish, and in the cooler months with trout.

Fishing: All you need to know about fishing in Santa Clara County Parks but were afraid to ask
Feeling a little rusty with your casting? Take advantage of our practice fly casting ponds, usually a dedicated enthusiast will be on hand to give you a tip or two.

Flycasters of San Jose
Through monthly programs, instruction, education, environmental activities and fishing, Flycasters preserves this classic sport.

Free Fishing Days
If you’re new to the sport of fishing, and not sure if you will enjoy it, we have a great deal for you. The Department of Fish and Game offers two “Free Fishing Days” each year. Free Fishing Days for 2018 are Saturday, July 7 and Saturday, September 1.

Fishing in the City
Fishing in the City Clinics gives city dwellers an opportunity to learn how to fish, and to fish close to home. Valid Fishing licences are required of anglers 16 years or older.

Kids Free Fishing Days
We are still working with Parks and Rec for permission to stock fish in the ponds. 2017 is currently canceled but 2018 is looking good! Like this Facebook page to get updates.

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