Video Production Groups

There are a number of good video production groups and companies in Milpitas. Some are non-profit and some are commercial. The City of Milpitas does have a TV studio, but it has limited production capabilities.

DZ Open Lens Productions
Dox and I have been working and volunteering with non-profit KMVT15 in Mountain View and have access to their studios for producing educational and community service videos. There is no charge for what we do, but at this time we’re not doing commercial videos. We have several other volunteers who help us when we need larger crews. We welcome any willing to take a TV production training class or two at KMVT15. Teenagers, retired folks welcome. Mostly we do the productions on a Saturday, and the editing when convenient for those involved.

AWAAZ Productions
More than just a production company, AWAAZ Productions’ business structure is both deep and wide, encompassing the entire media spectrum. With its affiliated companies like the AWAAZ Academy of Arts and AWAAZ Studios, it provides services to support all phases of content creation, from training talent and developing show concepts to production and distribution of the finished product (see Projects for more information).
1850 Houret Ct.

The Cinema Exchange
A new co-working space developed by Reel Eagle Studios. We created the exchange to support commercial filmmakers and improve the quality of industry resources available to the local community. As a co-working studio, the Exchange curates professional office space and well-appointed studio space for commercial filmmakers, providing members with access to affordable, high-quality tools and resources. As a marketplace, the Exchange provides a one-stop-shop, where clients can find the right vendors and resources to get the job done on-time and under budget.
1759 S Main St Suite 124/128

C Sharp Video Productions
Our clients walk in with an idea and walk out with a timeline of videos we create to help them get to the next steps in productivity, in marketing, and in team unity.
1525 McCarthy Blvd.

Simply Timeless Photography and Video
Watching movies has always been a great adventure for me. It’s amazing how much emotion and impact on one’s life can this activity get on somebody’s state of mind and well-being. Delivering still photography sometimes is not enough to tell the whole story. Surely the addition of sounds and movement make the whole picture come alive!

TTC Studio
Does commercial videos for a fee. Member of the Milpitas Chamber of Commerce.

Google “video production Milpitas” to locate independent video producers in Milpitas which do not have websites.

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