Milpitans love to go bicycling in the flatlands along the Bay or up in the mountains to Ed Levin Park or Mission Peak. Sometimes the Amgen Bike Tour of California has gone through Milpitas. Locate groups to go biking with. Find a map of local bikeways.

Bicycling Events

Movie I took of Amgen Bike Tour 2006 
First leg of the loop along Piedmont Road near Seacliff here in Milpitas.

Amgen Bike Tour of California
Stage 3 of the race along Piedmont Rd., Milpitas, CA, about 11:25 AM May 15, 2012
Taken by me, Ann Zeise, from Yosemite and Piedmont Road

Amgen Bike Tour of California won’t go through Milpitas in 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Bike to Work Day 2018
We are still solidifying details for BTWD 2018. Please use this page as a reference for now and we’ll have information updated for 2018 soon! And yes, Exodus Travels’ will be donating another exciting trip for 2018!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Stage 4 Men’s Time Trial in San Jose will be the closest leg of the race in the South Bay Area.

Hellyer Velodrome
Hellyer County Park Velodrome strives to promote the sport of track cycling by offering diversified racing programs, developing athletes, providing healthy fitness programs for the community and bringing world-class track racing to the Northern California area.

Mt. Hamilton Challenge
The Mt. Hamilton Challenge will be back for 2018!

Buy, Sell, Give Away, or Rent Bikes

Best Bicycle Shop near Milpitas
Yelp reviews of nearby bike shops.

Bicycles for Sale In or Near Milpitas
Place to offer or buy bicycles or bike parts online.

Big 5 Sporting Goods
Bikes, bike parts, and exercycles can be purchased here.
757 E. Calaveras Blvd.
(408) 262-1726

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Free shipping on selected bikes or pick up in store at the Great Mall.

Electric Bikes
Rob Mean’s site. Electric bikes are part of a whole range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) that provide local point-to-point transportation.

Donate Old Bikes

Silicon Valley Bike Exchange
Our program specializes in children’s bicycles. We do not accept adult size bikes unless they are in exceptionally good condition. Our warehouse is located at 2566 Leghorn Street in Mountain View. We encourage participation by volunteers of all ages and skill levels.

Clubs & Bicycling Organizations


Bay Area Bicycle Coalition
Promoting safe and enjoyable bicycling for everyday transportation in the San Francisco Bay Area. Facebook Page.

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Citizen group that advises the City Council about modification and expansion of the City of Milpitas’ bikeway and hiking trail system.


Almaden Cycle Touring Club
A group of Silicon Valley bicycling enthusiasts with a wide range of abilities. They sponsor safe and fun events for beginner and advanced cyclists.

Cherry City Cyclists
I ran into this group meeting at Caffe Romeo on Jacklin. For us, rides are social events, not races, so we make every attempt to ride as a group for safety and camaraderie.

Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club
Organization which promotes all facets of bicycling, including leisure, recreational, touring and racing, always with an emphasis on bicycle safety and education.

San Jose Bicycle Club
Lots of racing opportuities every month.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
A forum for bicyclists to organize, discuss common concerns, and take action.

Western Wheelers Bicycle Club
A nonprofit organization based on the San Francisco Peninsula (Palo Alto) that hosts a variety of rides every month to suit cyclists of all abilities.

California & National Directories

California Association of Bicycling Organizations – or – CABO
California’s bicycle clubs organized into a state federation in 1972  to protect bicyclists’ interests state-wide and to encourage, maintain, and improve bicycling conditions.

California Bicycle Coalition
Harnesses public and private resources to make our streets and trails good places to ride, to educate bicyclists and motorists regarding their respective rights and responsibilities, and to promote competent bicycling as a safe, clean, fun and healthy means of transportation and recreation.

Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association
Good page for road racers. Lots of interesting features and event information.

Information, Plans

Santa Clara Countywide Bike Plan
The plan establishes a network of Cross County Bikeway Corridors that will provide continuous, complete bike connections across the county. The plan also identifies locations where new and improved bike connections are needed across freeways, rail lines and creeks. Lastly, the plan identifies ways to make it easier for people to use their bike with transit, including bike access to major transit stops, bike parking at stops, and bicycle accommodations on board. Here is the Countywide Bicycle Plan published in February 2018.



Bicycle Helmet Law
All persons under the age of 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet when cycling on streets, bikeways or other public paths. Office of Traffic Safety.

California Bicycle Laws
The California Vehicle Code contains the state laws that specify where and how bikes must operate. For the most part, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. There are some specific rules. Below, for your benefit, we summarize the key sections of the law that relate to cycling.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Trails in the Milpitas Area
Brief descriptions. For more you must be a paid subscriber.

Mountain Bike Trails: Peninsula/South Bay
The following parks allow some off-road access: Almaden-Quicksilver, Ed Levin, Grant Ranch, Lexington Reservoir, Upper and Lower Stevens Creek, and Santa Teresa.

Mountain Biking Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers. A non-profit 501(c)(3) mountain bike organization promoting mountain bike recreation and establishing sustainable trail access in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. SVMTB is a regional chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association.


News group message board for bicyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Facebook Group
Our purpose is to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. We envision a community that values, includes, and encourages bicycling for all purposes for all people.

Trails & Maps

City of Milpitas Bicycle Map
Has bike suitability ratings according to bicycling proficiency.

Best Paved Bike Trails near Milpitas
Yelp reviews of the best bike trails in and near Milpitas.

Milpitas Cycling Trails
Most popular routes.

Santa Clara Valley Bikeways Map
This PDF map allows you to zoom into an area of Santa Clara County to see the bikeways routes.

Virtual Bike Route Scouts
Ever been stuck in traffic while a bike commuter breezes past you with a big smile on her face? Or maybe you’ve seen someone merrily riding along, with groceries in his bike bags? If you’d like to try biking to work, school, or the store but haven’t found a bike-friendly route, Virtual Bike Route Scouts may be the answer!

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