Maps to Milpitas Parks and Recreation Sites

Hillcrest Park Art

Milpitas parks came into being in the 1970s when the “city of the future” was imagined to have homes on small lots, and sharing a large, common green space instead of large private yards. Many of our parks weave together, providing ways for pedestrians and bicyclists a way to move… Continue reading

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

AA meeting

AA Meetings, Al Anon Meetings, and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Milpitas, CA Alcohol Rehabilitation AA Meetings in Milpitas, any day, any time, any type. Meetings in several places around town. Code Legend O = Open C = Closed M = Men’s Meeting W = Women’s Meeting X = Wheelchair Accessible… Continue reading

Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in Milpitas


Muscular / Skeletal Clinics in Milpitas, CA, including chiropractors, physical therapists, and therapeutic massage centers. Alliance Family Chiropractic Hi, my name is Dr. Jon Nichols, D.C. welcome to our website, please enjoy looking around. I am a chiropractor here in Milpitas, and have been in practice for over 15 years.… Continue reading

Hospitals & Clinics In and Near Milpitas, CA

Valley Health Center Milpitas

Emergency hospitals and non-emergency health clinics serving Milpitas, CA. Use address links to get maps and directions. Click on phone numbers if you are using a cellphone, and call will go through. Clinics IN MILPITAS Alliance Occupational Medicine Located at 315 S. Abbott Ave Milpitas CA 95035 and are open M… Continue reading

California Recipes

Silva Dries Apricots

These California recipes are made from fruits and vegetables that can be found in local gardens and farms. Some are found in local restaurants. Apricots Fresh apricots are available in June at the ranch on Piedmont road between Calaveras and Yosemite. Apricot Recipes Apricot and plum tart. Apricot sorbet. Apricot… Continue reading

Youth Sports for Milpitas Kids

Some of our local youth sports programs have produced Olympians! Milpitas believes in helping youth become physically fit with friendly competitive and individual sports opportunities. Bay Badminton Center Enroll your kids in our exciting Academy today and they will be on their way to improving their game with our World… Continue reading

Recreational Flying

Wings of Rogallo

Learn to fly up and over our mountain ranges on sail planes, hang gliders, paragliding, and even real small planes. We’re a great area for recreational flying. Bay Area Soaring Associates BASA is an organization of Pilots who love to fly in high performance sailplanes. Meetings are held at the… Continue reading

Free and Low Cost Meals

Milpitas Food Pantry

There are a number of place in Milpitas that offer free and low cost meals for those having difficulty meeting their nutrition needs. Community Food Drop Off Locations If you have excess fruit and are physically able to harvest it, the following agencies accept and distribute fruit and produce donations… Continue reading

Medical Technology Developed in Milpitas

Medical Concepts

Medical Technology companies are growing in number in Milpitas, CA. When you come to Silicon Valley, you can find talent in both technology and medicine. We innovate devices to make life simpler for those with diabetes and cancer. We create custom mice—the rodent kind. We design devices for medical research.… Continue reading

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