Recreational Flying

Learn to fly up and over our mountain ranges on sail planes, hang gliders, paragliding, and even real small planes. We’re a great area for recreational flying.

Wings of Rogallo

Bay Area Soaring Associates
BASA is an organization of Pilots who love to fly in high performance sailplanes. Meetings are held at the Omega Restaurant. Hollister California is our primary location. Our gliders and equipment reside here throughout the winter to take advantage of pre-frontal and post-frontal wave across the various mountain ranges nearby.

Mission Soaring Center
We think hang gliding is the flyingest flying ever invented, and we are ready to share the fun! As you become a pilot, we can outfit you with everything you need in our complete Sales & Service Facility in Milpitas, CA.
1116 Wrigley Way

Squadron Two
Have you ever had the dream of taking off into the wild, blue yonder and soaring with the birds? Introductory flying lesson $35. At San Jose Airport.
2655 Robert Fowler Way, San Jose, CA 95148

Wings Of Rogallo
Hang gliding club was founded in the mid-1970’s to serve the interests of hang gliding pilots in the San Francisco Bay area. Maintains the hang gliding resources at Ed Levin Park, Mission Peak, and Mt Diablo.

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