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Milpitas parks came into being in the 1970s when the “city of the future” was imagined to have homes on small lots, and sharing a large, common green space instead of large private yards. Many of our parks weave together, providing ways for pedestrians and bicyclists a way to move between homes, schools, and shops without having to be on busy roads.

Milpitas Community Center
457 East Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, Ca 95035

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Overview map of all city parks.


Alviso Adobe – Not currently open to the public. Under renovation. Historic displays in windows.  Park and historical site. Located off Piedmont Road.

Community Center
457 East Calaveras Boulevard
Phone: 408-586-3210
TDD: 408-408-942-2478

Higuera Adobe Park – An historic adobe house sits on this 5.5-acre park site with 8 barbecue pits, 16 tables, play equipment, and parking for 20. Plenty of shade trees are a plus. Wessex off N. Park Victoria. Picnic GC: 25 Building GC: 52

Jose Higuera Adobe Park – Historic site and picnic area. Park off Wessex. Pl.

Senior Center
40 North Milpitas Boulevard
TDD: 408-586-3425

Sports Center
1325 East Calaveras Boulevard Get in left hand turn lane just east of Park Victoria. Drive under the solar panels, past the pool and turn right to park. Phone: 408-586-3225 TDD: 408-408-942-3289


Augustine Park Grand Reopening

Augustine Park Grand Reopening

Milpitas Park Locations
This map shows parks colored in green along with features located inside the park.

Al Augustine Park – Plenty of open space, plus play equipment, 4 barbecue pits, and 9 tables in this 6 acre park. Cortez and Coelho off Escuela Group Capacity (GC): 65.

Ben Rodgers Park – A lovely 7.5 acre park with 6 barbecue pits and picnic tables, a backstop, and play equipment. Best Parking for sports field and picnic area is on Everglades, off Sequoia. Group Capacity (GC): 25

Calle Oriente – A nice neighborhood park with two handball courts, two tables, and play equipment. Calle Oriente off N. Park Victoria GC: 10

Cardoza Park – This 10-acre park features a lighted ball diamond, two horse-shoe pits, volleyball poles, and an outdoor amphitheater. A great location for functions, it also includes 8 barbecue pits, 19 tables, restrooms, play equipment, and parking for 133. Kennedy Dr. at N. Park Victoria. GC: 125

Cerano Park – A nice neighborhood park with 4 tables, 2 barbeque units, 1 tennis court, half basketball court, play structure, open grass area and small parking lot (6 spaces). Adjacent to the Coyote Creek Trail. Location: Near 751 Murphy Ranch Rd.

Creighton Park – With 4 barbecue pits, 9 tables, and play equipment, this 5-acre park is a great site for family outings. Olympic west of S. Park Victoria. GC: 20

Dixon Landing Park – This 11 acre park has 3 tennis courts, 6 barbecue pits, 10 picnic tables, a basketball hoop, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 84. A terrific place for special gatherings. Dixon Landing and Milmont. GC: 50

Dog Park – Only dogs, dog handlers, and those persons accompanying them are allowed in the dog park. Ed Levin Park, up Downing Rd. from Calaveras in the hills.

Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Your first stop should be the visitor center, located near the Dumbarton Bridge toll plaza in Fremont. The center is perched on a hillside above miles of salt marsh, tidal sloughs, mudflats, and salt ponds.

Ed Levin County Park – Owned and maintained by the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department. 3100 Calaveras Rd. For information, call 408-262-6980.

Foothill Park – A nice little 4-acre park that includes 3 barbecue pits, 4 tables, and play equipment. Roswell Dr. at Roswell Ct. GC: 25

Gill Memorial Park – This 5.1-acre park has a lighted ball diamond, 3 tennis courts, 2 handball courts, and a basketball court, plus 4 barbecues, 8 tables, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 45. Paseo Refugio and Santa Rita. GC: 50

Hall Memorial Park – Two barbecue pits, 6 tables, 4 tennis courts, play equipment, restrooms, and parking for 18 make this 9.5-acre park a nice place. La Honda and Coyote. GC: 25

Hidden Lake Park – This 1.5-acre park has 2 barbecue pits, 3 tables, and a lake with ducks. A nice place to relax. N. Milpitas Blvd. between Escuela Pkwy. and Jacklin Rd. Drop-in only.

Hillcrest Park Art

Hillcrest Park Art

Hillcrest Park – This 5.2-acre park offers 7 barbecue pits, 8 tables, and a tot lot for kids. Fieldcrest off Crescent. GC: 15

John McDermott Park – This .95 acre park has 3 shaded picnic tables, 2 playgrounds, and a restroom. Across from Post Office. Alvarez Ct, off Abel St. GC: 15

Murphy Park – This 8.7-acre park is a favorite place to gather with the kids. It features plenty of open space, restrooms, play equipment, and a lovely picnic area with 5 barbecue pits and 6 tables. Yellowstone east of S. Park Victoria. Incorrectly called Sinnott Park on map. GC: 50

Oliver Jones Park – This 5.2 acre park offers a par course, play equipment, 2 barbecue pits, and 5 tables. Jacklin at Hillview. GC: 30

O’Toole Elms Park – The 1.51 acre park includes 8 picnic tables, 1 barbecue unit and 2 playgrounds. Abel St., N. of Curtis Ave. GC: 30

Parc Metro, East, Middle, West – Series of parks in development near Great Mall. Park Metro East also has barbeque units and is reservable. Curtis Ave. east of Main St.. GC: 20

Pecot Park – This 8-acre park has 4 tennis courts, 3 acre park along Hetch Hetchy Right of Way. Northern end of long trail going south through many of the Milpitas parks. Dixon Landing, west of Conway.

Pinewood Park – This 8-acre park has 4 tennis courts, 2 barbecue pits, 4 tables, a basketball hoop and a tot lot. Lonetree and Starlite Dr. GC: 30.

Regional Parks
Start with your favorite activity, from archery to water skiing, and you can find a Regional Park where you can do it from this site. Other ways of searching, too.

Robert E. Browne Park (AKA Yellowstone Park) – A great place to play tennis on the 4 lighted courts, with a large grassy area and par course. Restrooms and parking are available across the street. Yellowstone east of South Park Victoria.

Sandalwood Park – A nice little 1.5-acre neighborhood park good for lunchtime picnics. It features 3 barbecue pits, 3 tables, and play equipment. Escuela Pkwy. and Russell. GC: 25

Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
Preserves, protects and manages, for the use and enjoyment of all people, a well-balanced system of urban and non-urban areas of outstanding scenic, recreational and agricultural importance.

Slide at Murphy Park © by Kaz

Slide at Murphy Park © by Kaz

Selwyn Park – This small neighborhood park provides a playground, plus 2 picnic tables with barbecue pits. (Selwyn Dr. off Dempsey Rd.) GC: 15

Sinnott Park – A nice 4.7 acre park that includes a par course, play equipment, 2 barbecue pits, and 3 tables. Clear Lake and Tahoe. GC: 20

Starlite Park – The 4 acre park offers a nice place for family fun, with horse-shoe pits, play equipment, 3 barbecue pits, and 5 tables. Rudyard and Abbott Ave. GC: 15

Strickroth Park – This 5.7 acre park with parking for 25 offers play equipment, 2 barbecue pits, and 6 tables. Martil and Gemma off E. Tramway. GC: 25

Tom Evatt Park – This 5.46 acre park has 16 picnic tables, 4 barbecue units, many benches. There are 2 half basketball courts, 2 tennis courts and 2 Bocce ball courts. A playground for the kids and a large lawn area makes this a fun park for all ages. Abel St. and Machado St. GC: 25

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