“G” Directory of Milpitas

Games & Toys
Earwig Enterprises has a medical game. Unipak dresses up stuffed toy animals. Places to play or work on networked computers.

Spruce up your garden or get help with your pool or spa.

Garbage & Recycling
Free dump days, where and how to recycle, and other trash talk.

Gas – see Power & Gas
Consumer information concerning our power and natural gas resources in Silicon Valley.

Gas – Cheapest in Milpitas
Locate the least expensive, cheapest gas stations to fill up your tank in Milpitas. Widget updated several times a day.

Resources for finding long-lost relations who may have lived in the Santa Clara Valley.

Girl Scouts Silicon Valley
Resources for Milpitas and Santa Clara County Girl Scouts and beyond.

Golf links [pun intended] for champions and places for kids to practice.

GoMilpitas.com is Produced by Sunbeams
GoMilpitas is produced with solar energy and other green practices.

Governing Laws of Milpitas, Santa Clara County, & California
The laws and legislation that Milpitas abides by, and those officials in charge of seeing that we do abide by them, and what to do if you feel there is a need to change a law.

Government Officials Representing Milpitas
Contact information, links to the various government sites.

Graffiti Terminators
Become a graffiti terminator and help beautify Milpitas.

Grant Writing
Too often grant writers fall into these traps when applying for community grants.

Grant Writing Help
A list of organizations that provide technical assistance, consulting, classes and research materials in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Great Mall of Milpitas
Shop in your pajamas at this virtual replica of our largest mall. Addresses and phone numbers, too, if you want to shop in real life.

Grocery Stores in Milpitas
Milpitas has a wide variety of stores for all tastes and ethnic groups.

Grooming see Hairdressers, Hair Salons, Barber Shops-Best in Milpitas
These are the best hair salons to get your hair done in Milpitas. Some also offer other beauty services, such as nails.

Guides to Silicon Valley
Community websites from other Silicon Valley cities and nearby.

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