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Keeping Cool

By Ann Zeise

Got a letter from one of our faithful readers suggesting I hurry up and get a feature up on how to keep cool in or near Milpitas before the next heat wave hit. Suggestions here will range from where to take a plunge to cooking cool. I welcome suggestions for additions to this page at any time.

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A reminder: in hot weather check on elderly or infirm relatives and neighbors. My mother's air conditioning failed, and she almost couldn't think clearly enough to get herself to a cool, safe spot.

If you have screened windows, let the cold air in at night, then in the morning, close all windows and drapes to trap the cold air inside. An attic fan (From Home Depot for about $75) can do wonders by evacuating hot air out from between your ceiling and roof.

Let's start with the obvious cool spots:

Public Swimming Pools

Sign up for Summer Swim Lessons

Recreational Swimming
Milpitas Sport Center
Two large and one "baby" pool provide a variety of water fitness and exercise programs. Recreational swimming is offered at both Milpitas Sports Center and Milpitas High School during the summer months. Pools are fully supervised by lifeguards. The fee a $2.00 is charged to all entering on the pool deck. Children ages 7 years and under are required to be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older. Infants and toddlers must wear specialized swim diapers.

Admission for swimming or admission to the pool deck in the above pool is usually $2.00 per person (unless it is free swim.) For more information, call the Milpitas Sports Center at 408-586-3225.

Private Clubs with Swimming Pools

Milpitas Yosemite Cabana Club Pool
This is a Membership only, neighborhood pool located on Yosemite just east of N. Park Victoria. Permanent members pay a one-time fee to join and annual dues of $300. Seasonal  members pay annual dues of $350. Access to the pool is 365 days/year from 5 am to 11 pm; however, it is only heated from May until September. Members have access to BBQ's, picnic areas, lounge chairs, diving board, bathrooms and can schedule parties. Lifeguards on duty during the summer. Swim lessons offered (members get a reduced rate). Contact pool at to get current rates and information.

Northwood Park Improvement Association No 2
Although the pool was originally built to meet the recreational needs of the 201 homes surrounding the facility, Pool #2 now offers a limited number of memberships to families outside of the Northwood Park development. 2094 Morrill Ave., San Jose, CA 95132(Across from the Target Shopping Center at Morrill and Landess, near Milpitas, CA)

Hotels with Large Pools

Beverly Heritage Hotel Beverly Heritage
1820 Barber Lane
Has an atmosphere of a comfortable "home away from home" ... with an award winning chef on staff!
Hotel Rating
Inns of America 

Inns of America
270 South Abbott Avenue
Across the street from FedEx Kinkos.

Sheraton San Jose Sheraton San Jose
1801 Barber Lane
Is actually in Milpitas. Close to "Golden Triangle," it caters to needs of the business traveler.
Hotel Rating  

Get Wet at Great America

Great America is always a fun place to visit. To avoid the crowds, try mid-week mornings when the park first opens at 10:00 a.m. Season and day passes can be purchased online, but there is a surcharge that you won't pay if you are willing to wait in line. Check the in advance. Do note that parking fees are on top of entrance fees. The Commonwealth Credit Union offers discount tickets.

Boomerang Bay!
G'Day Mate! Paramount 's Great America "down-under" addition to Australian-themed Crocodile Dundee's Boomerang Bay , promising to give guests triple the "splashin' good time" with the area's longest lazy river, a mammoth heated lagoon, new changing facilities and two new body water slides!

Water Slide Thrills

Raging Waters/Splashdown
With over 23-acres of slides and attractions, at Raging Waters, San Jose there's more than enough excitement to satisfy thrill seekers of all ages. Raging Waters is full of wild rides and great times. It's family friendly with fun as far as the eye can see. No doubt about it Raging Waters is bigger than summer!

Go to the Coast

Drive up the Coast
Let the ocean breezes cool you down as you drive up the coast from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay.

Drive to Big Sur
The spectacular beauty of the rocky coast, the mountains and forests attract visitors for sightseeing and scenic driving.

Northern California Coastal Beaches
Lovely beach photos and commentary, though they don't tell anyone exactly where the beaches are or how to get to them. Keeps the best a local secret.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
The Boardwalk is now open daily through Labor Day, September 4. Passes may also be ordered online.

Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad
Take a open car train ride through giant redwoods, stop for a picnic and catch the next train back. Take a train to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Participate in historical reenactments. Located in Felton.

Hang out in a Park

City Parks
A GoMilpitas resource page showing which parks have sport facilities, BBQ & picnic tables, restrooms, etc. Click on links to get maps and directions.

City Recreation Services
Offerings updated seasonally. Page includes listing of recreation facilities, office hours, and days closed.

Ed Levin County Park
Spend a summer day feeding ducks, picnicing, hiking, riding your horse or bicycle in this lovely park overlooking Milpitas.

Go Fishing
Yes, youths 15 and younger can fish at Sandy Wool Lake (or anywhere in California) without a license. In the summer the lake is stocked with catfish.

Regional Parks
Start with your favorite activity, from archery to water skiing, and you can find a Regional Park where you can do it from this site. Other ways of searching, too.

Creek Hiking

Big Basin Redwoods State Park
Walk in creeks through this lovely, dense redwood forest in Boulder Creek. Remember to get and pay for a parking pass first at the Rangers headquarters.

Coyote Watershed
Lots of small creeks come down from the east hills. The one parallel to Calaveras Road as it heads up into the hills is hikable. Might be poison oak, though, so wear long pants and long-sleeved shirt. The builder at Piedmont Rd has made a rather pretty artificial stream complete with waterfall. I'm not sure if the general public will be allowed to get into the water there or not. Again, don't drink the water. It comes from the duck ponds and horse ranches in the hills.

Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Creeks
In the old days, every neighborhood had a creek; the secret is they still do....

Penitencia Creek
Lined with big-leaf maple white alder, and western sycamore. Wild honey-suckle vines, the arroyo and red willow add to its lush plant life. The creek is shallow and slow in Alum Rock Park, so it is a nice place for small children to cool off. Do not let them drink the creek water, however.

Eat Ice Cream, Drink Smoothies

Baskin Robbins
Yelp Review: About half way between 24 Hour Fitness and Fitness4Ten. Near Nob Hill.
357 Jacklin Rd.
(408) 946-3100

Cold Stone Creamery
Create your own happiness. In the Great Mall. Beautifully designed site. Fun intro and ice cream store motif for navigation make this a must-see link.

Jamba Juice
We've gotten hooked on these caloric but healthful fruit and sherbert-based shakes. With "extra fiber" one can make even a weight watcher lunch! Located in McCarthy Ranch and Town Center.

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