Parade on Main Street, 4th of July 2002

Milpitas used to have a fairly long 4th of July parade on Main Street. This one was back in 2002. The parade featured our historic first fire engine, Leapin’ Lena, which is now housed at the Milpitas Community Library, horse riders from local stables, and of course, Mustang convertibles which were manufactured at the Ford Plant which is now the Great Mall.

For current 4th of July plans in Milpitas, check the Events Calendar.

Mayor Henry Manayan

Mayor Henry Manayan

Happy 4th of July

*** Happy 4th of July ***
From Me, Sparky, Elvis Presley, the Milpitas Fire Department, and the Milpitas Historical Society, with our 70 year old fire truck, Leapin’ Lena behind us.
My fantasy come true! Got to ride in the historic fire truck in the parade and ring the bell the whole way, met Elvis Presley (really Ron Short), and got a bunch of cute firemen and a big dog to get my photo taken with!

first fire truck

Sparky, the fire dog, and ‘ aboard Leapin’ Lena, the first fire truck of the Milpitas Fire Department, built in 1932.

Sparky and Leapin' Lena

Sparky and Leapin’ Lena

Leapin' Lena from the back

Leapin’ Lena from the back

Local equestrians

Local equestrians with decorated horses joined the parade behind Lena.

Ballet Folkérico

Did the Ballet Folkérico kids even know who Elvis was?
These kids learn and perform hispanic dances in the area.

Mustangs in the parade

Lots of Mustangs in the parade as these cars were once made at the Ford Factory in Milpitas.

City of Milpitas' float.

City of Milpitas’ float.

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