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Horses of Silicon Valley

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Milpitas Stables

A&J Stables
A&J Ranch offers horse boarding (no rentals), but has a list of all the horse stables in the SF Bay Area! A&J is nestled way up in the hills, off Calaveras Rd. If your stable isn't listed, email .

Indian Hills Ranch
Less than three miles from Highway 680, Indian Hills Ranch in Milpitas is close enough to be incredibly convenient and yet right on the cusp of the Calaveras Hills. 3488 Calaveras Road, 408-262-6234.

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Area Riding Stables, Lessons

Cevalo Riding Academy
San Jose. An educational non-profit organization that offers riding lessons for children and adults, day camps, horse boarding, and other equestrian activities and community outreach programs.

Cliveden Chew Haas' Riding Lessons for Children
English Riding Lessons for Children. Our horse or yours. Learn to handle your pony effectively and ride safely. Grooming, bridling, saddling, and care of the horse. Leadline and beyond Lessons taught at Indian Hill Ranch, 3488 Calaveras Road, Milpitas CA. 408-262-5250.

Equestrian Training
Gilroy. Christine Amber, Equestrian Training's owner and trainer. Certified by the American Riding Instructors Certification Program and by Certified Horsemanship Association.

Highland Riding School
Pleasanton. A program specifically for beginning to intermediate riders who wish to either begin English riding or get back into riding.

Horse It Day Camps
Moraga. Roughing It now has 50 horses for our riding programs at the 4-week Day Camp, Ranch Camp and Horse Day Camp, making it one of the largest horse camp programs in the Bay area.

Western Trail Riding Services
Take a tour of majestic Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park on horseback in Livermore.


Secrets of Silicon Valley
Muybridge's first success came in 1873 -- a single frame of Stanford's fastest horses racing on a track. "I've got the pictures of the horses jumping from the ground!" he shouted from the darkroom as the image first appeared. But skeptics took the photograph for a fake.

Lists of Area Riding Stables, Lessons

Lessons and Training near Milpitas
Using your own horse or a borrowed one for the lesson.

Horse Stables in the San Francisco Bay Area
Scroll down to Milpitas.

Bay Area Horse Lovers Networks

The Bay Area Equestrian Network
BAEN is a regional directory that helps you find horses for sale, services and products in your area. Look for equestrian events in the area.

California Organizations

Palomino mare and her colt at Indian Hills Ranch

Backcountry Horsemen of California
We are a non-profit organization made up of individuals from throughout the state who are dedicated to conserving backcountry wilderness and protecting stock users' historic use of wilderness trails and forage.

California Dressage Society
All active members in good standing of the California Dressage Society are eligible to earn CDS Awards.

Riding Trails

Ed Levin County Park
Today there are no rental horses but the equestrian arena, picnic and staging areas are ideal locations for the first time rider who wants a first haul to an easy park or the dedicated endurance rider looking for some challenging trails to the top of the hills spread along the east side of the Bay Area.

Transportation of Horses

Becky's Equine Transportation
I have more than 30 years experience Transporting Horses all over the USA; to shows, moving from point to point, and for trail riding adventures. Located in Milpitas.

Emergency Evacuation Resources for Horses in Northern California
Many thanks to the following BAEN users who've offered their services housing and/or hauling horses evacuated in California due to natural disasters such as fires or floods. Please contact these folks directly at the numbers provided.

When Your Horse Dies

When Your Horse Dies
Whether the death is natural or humane makes no difference. The question of how to remove and dispose of the body must be decided. Local resources. By Bonnie Davis.

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