Filipino Dining in Milpitas

There is a good choice of Filipino restaurants in the shopping center on Landess just west of S. Park Victoria in Milpitas. 

Barrio Fiesta
A welcome way to come to an understanding of Filipino food such as kara kara, crispy pata, and lumpia.
1790 Milmont Dr.

Chow King
Yelp. “One thing to know about this chain: it’s Chinese fastfood in the Philippines, brought here.”
1535 Landess Ave

Ima’s Kusina
Yelp. Small counter-serve stop for a wide variety of Filipino sweets & savory dishes, plus party trays.
1535 Landess Ave.

Grill City
Best BBQ sticks for a quick lunch.
1535 Landess Ave

Their spicy chicken is bomb: Crispy and juicy. And 2 chicken piece plate with a drink was only $6.00.
447 Great Mall Dr.

Kalesa Restaurant
Diners order Filipino specialties like chicken adobo & bangus sisig at this casual restaurant.
1783 N Milpitas Blvd.

Roasted chicken at Max's
Max’s Restaurant
Yelp. Authentic Filipino cuisine. Best known for its great fried chicken. Situated just off 680 and Landess.
1535 Landess Ave., Ste 139 (east side of mall, outside.)

Pinoy Bbq Atbp
Our Asian restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.
10 S Abbott Ave.

Savory Chicken
1557 Landess Ave.

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