High Tech

Milpitas has a wide range of high tech businessess. The page is a directory fo all the different types of high tech products made here.

Milpitas companies provide a lot of the equipment for the telecommunications industry.

From powerful workstations to notebooks, and the controllers that make them all work. We make ’em.

Distributions and sales of electronic parts and consumer items.

Games & Toys
Earwig Enterprises has a medical game. Unipak dresses up stuffed toy animals. Places to play or work on networked computers.

Green Businesses
Milpitas has not only businesses that have gone green, we’re also have some that are creating green technology!

Visit companies making Internet appliances, software, and connectivity services.

Medical Technology
Companies here make medical imagining equipment, devices to combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Arrive here by broadband? Your modem may have been made here.

Multimedia & Video
If you want to see it and see it in motion on your computer, check out the cutting edge being made right here in Milpitas.

Our companies making the backbone of the internet. Whether you need to connect the whole world or just your business, look in Milpitas first.

PC Boards
Much assembly of boards for computerized products are manufactured in Milpitas. Also, parts that require technical machining.

Semiconductor Businesses
We have companies that make the chips, companies that make the equipment that make the chips, and companies that make programmers to program the chips.

Storage Devices & Parts
Devices for storing your precious data, such as hard drives, tape drives, CD Rom drives, etc. and their component parts are made in Milpitas.

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