Ethnic History & Culture

Ethnic Melting Pot

“This [country] will in a few years become a…colony; instead of [their] learning our language, we must learn theirs, or live as in a foreign country.” – Advice to German immigrants from Benjamin Franklin, publisher of die Philadelphische Zeitung, the first German newspaper in America, 1751. Immigrants speaking other languages… Continue reading

Population Estimate 2018 Santa Clara County


Some feel that our city has been growing at an unprecedented rate, but compared to other Santa Clara Cites, we’ve not been growing as fast as 8 other nearby cities. The population estimate for Milpitas in 2018 is 74,865 people. COUNTY/CITY 1-Jan-17 1-Jan-18 % CHANGE Santa Clara County 1,937,473 1,956,598… Continue reading

Pioneer Era – 1800s in Silicon Valley

Little Cornfields

In the 1800s the Mexicans, the Gold Rush, the Civil War, and the Transcontental Railroad transformed the Bay Area from a bunch of sleepy cattle ranches to a booming economy. Read More About the California Pioneer Era Milpitas Images of America by Robert Burrill $21.95 or $25 with author signature.… Continue reading

Wind Storm, October 22, 2000

Fred Examines Tree

Wind Storm Blasts its Way Through Milpitas Dateline: October 22, 2000 By Ann Zeise Several people were injured when trees fell upon them during heavy winds. Power lines were knocked down and several sections of the city were without power at various times throughout the day. Some new construction at… Continue reading

Weather-Forecasts and History

Winter Storm in Milpitas Hills

Forecasts Click for weather forecast Hourly Forecast 5-Day Forecast The Weather Channel Hourly weather forecast for the Milpitas area, with other links to maps, travel conditions, gardening and allergy tips, advisories for those flying or boating. You may change settings. Spare the Air Click here to see if it’s a… Continue reading

Indigenous People (Indians) of Silicon Valley

History of the Ohlone Indians who inhabited the south San Francisco Bay region of California. Bloody Island Massacre To this day, the US Army, State of California, or County of Lake, have made no attempt to apologize for nearly annihilating the innocent Pomo people of Bodanapotti. California Powwow Calendar Check… Continue reading

How Milpitas Got Its Name

Milpitas – How did it get it’s name? This story claims it means “A Thousand Pitas,” pitas being century plants. The name Milpitas is a variation of the plural diminutive of milpa, a Mexican Spanish word for “garden where maize is grown.” The proper diminutive form of milpa, though, is… Continue reading

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